The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, March 22, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Will Hold Loop Intact
There was a meeting of the American Soccer League in New York the other night but nothing enlightening developed for public announcement insofar as reconciling relations with the national body is concerned. About the only information emanating from that session is that the league which rebelled against the parent body will continue its present status. That, in fact, is no news for if remembered correctly the U. S. F. A. publicly announced that any negotiations with the league pertaining to reinstatement will be considered by he individuals but not the league as a whole. The return of New Bedford into the good graces of the powers that be and affiliation with the Eastern Soccer League created no little furor in the ranks of the rebellious clubs, according to rumor filtering down from the New England states. It is also hinted that long distance wires into U. S. F. A. headquarters have been exceedingly hot since the New Bedford episode.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club