The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 23, 1925
Philadelphia F. C. Completely Outplayed in League Soccer Contest Sunday

In a game hardly more than a practice scrimmage the Bethlehem Steel F. C. tuned up for the visit of J & P Coats here next Saturday afternoon by defeating the Philadelphia F. C. in an American League contest on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon by the score of 4 goals to 1. It was a listless contest which due to the superiority of the Bethlehem booters assumed the aspect of a farce instead of a contest seriously to be considered.

The Phillies were willing enough and tried hard to do their bit but had no class whatever and it was seldom that they had the ball long enough to start anything that had the semblance of a forward movement. The only goal scored by the visitors in the last two or three minutes of play and registered by Davis, the center forward, was nothing more than a gift.

John McCormick, a native of Ireland and recent acquisition to the Steel team, had his first opportunity for a tryout but about the only thing he did try out was a pair of shoes and a new uniform. On the day's play he was hardly more than excess baggage for the ball seldom passed beyond the Ferguson brothers, the Bethlehem backs. McCormick handled exactly once in the first half and that was an easy try. On another occasion he came out of his goal to clear on a free kick. In the second half he handled a bit more frequently but on shots which the visiting forwards desperately attempted in order to score, drove at the goal from far range.

The Steel Workers took victory as a matter of fact their play seemingly indicated and were more intent in tricking the visitors, by their clever manipulation of the ball than apparently in scoring. Johnny Rollo and Malcolm Goldie, the diminutive Bethlehem left wing, especially had a regular picnic worrying the left side of the visitors defense with their tricky play.

On the right wing Neil Turner had little to worry about although in Gaw, left back, the Phillies had their most outstanding player. On a team more equally balanced the visitors left back would probably have made a far better showing. Bethlehem monopolized the ball practically throughout the game and more often were the backs of the Steel Workers hovering around midfield than their usual positions deep in their own territory.

Twenty minutes elapsed before Bethlehem notched its first goal although previously shots were flying thick and fast around Russell, the visitors custodian. Bethlehem had been pressing all the time when finally Granger got possession and passed to Stark. The Bethlehem center forward easily eluded Clark and then made no mistake with a terrific shot. Play continued much the same with Bethlehem almost continually in Philadelphia territory but not any more score resulted and the half ended 1 to nothing in favor of the Steel Workers.

The extent of the Bethlehem scoring in the second half was three goals. The first was notched 10 minutes after the restart when Stark in possession held the ball long enough to draw the defense toward him and then passed to Goldie who registered a perfect goal. Tuner was the next forward to break into the scoring column. His first shot was knocked down by Russell but following in on play Turner connected with the ball on the rebound off the goalie's body and this time located the ball well into the net.

From then on until the finish the Steel Workers seemed satisfied with the three goal lead although another goal was forthcoming. Rollo dribbled the ball down the field to close range where with a deft touch he passed perfectly to Stark. Russell came out of his goal to clear but Stark easily beat him and counted. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
McCormick -- G -- Russell
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- Clarke
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Gaw
McDonald -- RHB -- Rundle
MacGregor -- CHB -- Mills
Evans -- LHB -- McDonald
Turner -- OR -- McClure
Granger -- IR -- Miller
Stark -- CF -- Davis
Rollo -- IL -- Hardy
Goldie -- OL - -Maylott
Goals: Stark 2, Goldie, Turner, Davis. Referee, D. Oates, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club