The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 23, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not Even a Comparison
"I don't wish to toot our own horn and as a matter of fact you can take this as personal or broadcast it if you wish, but the Bethlehem-Coats final round cup game there wasn't any comparison whatever as to which was the better of the two teams. Accounts of the game I read in the press were decidedly garbled and seemingly would indicate that the Steelworkers were hard pressed every minute and had all they could do to win the game. As a matter of fact there was only one team on the field and that was Bethlehem. So completely did they outplay Coats that Carson in goal was only forced to handled three times in the entire game. They did sing the praises of the Coats goalie and in that they did a merited justice for he was without a doubt the busiest man on the field." The above in brief was the gist of a conversation with a Bethlehem soccer enthusiast who witnessed the cup classic.

May Come East For Big Game
Although the time and place is set for the grand final in the National Challenge Cup competition and that isn't in the East, current gossip intimates strongly that Bethlehem fans will have to travel only a short distance to see the team engaged in the grand final of the cup affair. If a Chicago team wins in the Western Division, it's almost a safe bet that Brooklyn will be the city in which the issue will be decided. We have nothing official in making this assertion but jump at that conclusion by bits of gossip picked up here and there, which seem to indicate that the highbrows handling the affairs of the National Association are strongly in favor of serving this dish in the Eastern Metropolis.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club