The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 23, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Careful and Cautious
Remembering the unexpected turn of affairs when the Bethlehem Steel soccer team engaged against Newark in the first round of the American Soccer League cup competition, the Steelmen will invade Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon to tackle the Phillies in the first round careful and cautious, and taking nothing for granted until the final numerals are hung out. While the Phils cannot boast an imposing record in league hostilities this season, nevertheless it must be remembered that the lowly leaguers twice turned the tables on Fall River and those feats are worthy of consideration. Incidentally, Bethlehem never seemed to have a struggle when meeting the Phils on the home lot, but the record will show that in the two games in the league played in Philadelphia t he cellar outfit fought as if "possessed" and Bethlehem's margin of victory was by no means one-sided. The Steelmen will enter the game as the defending champion and laurels almost equally as great as winning the championship would be forthcoming to the team of the Phillies' caliber in eliminating the top club in the American Soccer League race, Bethlehem can ill afford to take chances. Soccer in recent years is an uncertainty and the post season especially, with its many upsets, has brought out emphatically that no team, no matter who the opponent, can enter a game over-confident. Give one of the lowly outfits a goal or two, and experience has taught that they simply run wild. On paper Bethlehem cannot be stopped. The record is the most imposing of any in the country. But the cup games are not played on paper but on a soccer pitch where comparative results mean nothing. Local fans are pulling hard for Bethlehem to come through and tie up the record of National championships even more securely.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club