The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 24, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row
By Fred Nonnemacher
At the meeting of the cup committee of the United States Football Association held at the Astor Hotel, New York City, last night, the Bethlehem F. C., is drawn to meet Robins Dry Docks but not on the home loam. This announcement will be received with regret by many soccer enthusiasts who were patiently hoping this game would be played in this city. The contest will be the firth round in the national soccer challenge trophy and will be played in Brooklyn, the haunt of the Robins team, on April 4. Many fans will undoubtedly celebrate the occasion as a holiday and make the trip to Brooklyn. The New York F. C. which has yet to play Newburg in the fourth round next Sunday, must meet either the United Shoe F. C. or Fore River in the fifth round in New England.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club