The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 25, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Still Hankering for the Bethlehem Club
That Philadelphians would take kindly to the Bethlehem Steel soccer team and receive this championship aggregation in their midst with open arms if the transfer could be influenced, is evidenced by the persistent efforts of the Quaker City promoters to induce the local management to play the team in that city. Months ago the proposition was advanced and although the Bethlehem officials turned a deaf ear to all proposals, luring offers hard to resist have been hurled at them. It is believed that with the Bethlehem club cavorting in Philadelphia, the rivalry stimulated with clubs representing New Jersey, New York and other hot-bed soccer districts, would comprise one of the strongest and best attended leagues in the country. This is the phase, it is believed, that the Philadelphia promoters are trying to impress upon the local management. Rumors that such a transfer would be made or is contemplated by the Bethlehem officials have been numerous. However, the latter while admitting that it might be a good thing for the uplift of the kicking game in this country, denied that such a move has not been considered or contemplated. Despite their best efforts to boom the sport in this city, the attitude of Bethlehem fans in the last few years has hardly been luke-warm and time and again it has been proven that the reception accorded the Steel Workers in other districts is by far more cordial than in their home town.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club