The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, March 25, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

"Not For Sale" Shout Marks Brothers
It is no longer a secret that Findlay Kerr, crack goalie of the Fall River champions, is aiming to get back to Bethlehem and sport a uniform of the Steelmen. Neither is it a secret that if he can successfully barter for his release, the Bethlehem management will immediately tender him a form. However, Bethlehem Steel will not bother unless Kerr has straightened out his differences with Fall River and effect a release that will make him eligible prey for other clubs. For some time we have heard that Kerr is anxious to leave Fall River. The Marksmen have divulged that much, but no reason is given. What differences, there are, if any, have been successfully kept under cover. Kerr was one of the raft of players that left the Bethlehem club several years ago and signed with Fall River. As a goalie he is recognized as the foremost custodial in the game. And Bethlehem admits that the need of another first class goalie is quite imperative to the success of the team in the future.

Not on the Transfer List
Just as determined as Kerr seems to be to shake the dust of Fall River off his boots, Sam Marks, owner of the Fall River club, is determined to hang on to him. In regards to a possible transfer, the Fall River Globe, quoting owner Marks says:

"Despite widely circulated stories to the contrary, The Globe is in a position to make the statement that Findlay Kerr, goalie of the Fall River Club, is positively not on the transfer list. Definite statement to this effect was made by Sam Marks, owner of the Fall River Club. Kerr possibly would like to go to Bethlehem, or probably to some other club not so many miles away, but at this writing, the Fall River owner has no intention of putting him on the transfer list or allowing him to go to any other club. Incidentally for some reason unknown to the management, Kerr was the only player of the Fall River Club who failed to make inquiry last week whether he was to participate in either the game at Boston on Saturday or the Indiana Flooring game on Sunday. He failed to put in appearance at either field. It is quite certain that an explanation will be sought."

Remains the Property of Fall River
Findlay Kerr remains the property of Fall River until Manager Marks places him on the transfer list to give other clubs the chance to bid for him. Bethlehem would like to have Kerr, but would not be instigators in any negotiations that might have a tendency of creating a bad feeling between the club. Amicable relations among the clubs and their managers is paramount to the inclusion of a player desired. In the deal for Raeside, former Fall River back, the business was square and above board. There is a gentlemen's agreement among the clubs that no players will be bartered with unless satisfactory to the team management with which they are signed. The agreement, as far as we known, has been stringently adhered to and Bethlehem would probably be the last club to violate it. The Steelmen want Kerr, but have adopted the "hands-off" policy until Owner Marks gives the word.

The National Grand Final
Intimated in these columns several times, official announcement is made that the grand final of the National Challenge Cup competition will be played in the East. It was intimated that Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, might be the site, and with the announcement of the cup officials such happens to be the case. The reason for the transfer is the belief that it will create more interest among fans in the East and, of course, attract a bigger gate. Local fans will no doubt welcome the transfer, as it will give them an opportunity of journeying to the metropolis to see the Steelmen battle for the cup honors. What a whoop of dissent the action is going to create among the fans in the Western district. However, if Bethlehem wins the cup, there is a slight possibility that an exhibition tour of two or three games might be arranged to give Western loyals an opportunity of seeing the team in action.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club