The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 25, 1927
Local Champions Need This Game to Tighten Hold on First Place

The opening gun in defending the National soccer title will be fired by Bethlehem Saturday afternoon when the Steelmen engage in their first round National cup tie competition against the Philadelphia F.C., on the latter's field at [. . . ] and Tioga Street. The kickoff will be at three o'clock.

Eliminated in the American Soccer League cup competition but with the league championship virtually sewed up, the Steelmen will leave on Saturday morning determined to defend the honors that were their lot after a grueling campaign last season.

Cup competition is different from league games in that the starting lineup is the one to finish. There can be no substitutions. They also bring forth the best in the player for a defeat is elimination from further competition. That is why cup games as a rule are more spirited than league competition for in the latter there is always a chance to come back in a later engagement to even a score.

Bethlehem's forward line will have Tom Gillespie, the club's leading goal scorer, at center forward and if the aggressive center comes through in his characteristic stride he should prove a serious threat to the Philadelphia defense. Archie Stark, veteran forward, whose goal scoring was pronounced against the Ben Miller's last season will continue at inside right with the flashing and speedy Johnny Jaap on the outside wing.

Granger to Play

Johnny Granger, how has been given preference over George Forrest and Johnny Rollo for the inside berth, is a veteran cup performer and it is usually in these classics in which he is at his best. Granger is one of the oldest players on the team, not the oldest in years but with the championship aggregation over a longer period of time. He has seen service in practically every cup game played by the Steelmen and has never been found wanting. The outside wing to Granger will be taken care of by Malcolm Goldie.

Although idle for several weeks resting up for the start of the soccer classic, George "Whitey" McDonald will be back at his position on the halfback line with the aggressive and hard fighting captain, "Bill" Carnihan and the veteran Robert McGregor. This trio has earned the reputation of comprising the most formidable halfback line in the country. Every one of the three players have been through the mill and are thoroughly seasoned for cup games.

The remainder of the Bethlehem defense will introduce two newcomers with Bethlehem in cup games. They are Jim Barrie, who will pair off with William Allen at Fullback, and Dave Edwards, the goalie. Of the trio both Edwards and Barrie are playing their first season with the Steelmen but their display in league games inspires a confidence that both positions will be well taken care of. Eadie, Rollo and Forrest will accompany the club to fill in in case of an emergency.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club