The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 25, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Big Gates for the Cup Finals
Close to 30,000 soccer fans witnessed the two final rounds in the National Cup competition played between Bethlehem and Fall River, two of the biggest gates ever for this classic. The receipts, while handsomely rewarding both clubs and association, do not tally with the attendance of the above numbers but then like any other big event that draws into the thousands it is safely estimated that a good many gain admission without peeling off the bank-roll. Figures obtained on the receipts are $13,000 at the game played on the Polo Grounds and $12,265 were grossed at New Bedford. Advance reports intimated that New Bedford park packed to its capacity would accommodate less than 10,000 at the most. The attendance figures, however, indicate that there were a good many more than 10,000 present which was possible by cutting down the original space allotted for the pitch to increase the area set aside for the cash customers.

Forward Denied Scores
Weak clearing of Bethlehem is attributed as one of the reasons for the defeat of the Steel City booters in spite of the crippled and disorganized team which by force was compelled to wage the replay. This theory is more or less borne out by the fact that not one of the Fall River goals came as the result of a concentrated effort on the part of the Fall River front liners and not one of the three goals was notched by forwards. They were all scored from scrimmage close to the Bethlehem net, one by a fullback and the other two by halfbacks.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club