The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 27, 1928
Thrilling 3-3 Game Here Saturday, Score Seesawing to the Close

The Steel soccer club was partly successful in checking the winning stride of New Bedford, leaders of the American Soccer League for the second half, in a thrilling game played on the home lot here on Saturday afternoon, which resulted in a three-goal deadlock. On Sunday at New York, Bethlehem beat the N. Y. Giants, 4 to 3.

The final whistle on Saturday brought to a close one of the most bitterly fought games witnessed on the home field this season and a game in which ankle tapping and vigorous body checking was quite outstanding.

While Bethlehem rained shots at the New Bedford goal it was not until after twenty-seven minutes of play before the first tally was notched. Stark carried the ball down the center in one of the many threatening efforts he launched to break through and then flipped a pass to Gillespie on the right. The latter carried into within a few yards of goal when he let go his shot. Blair knocked down the ball and again Gillespie drove with terrific force, striking the upright. On the rebound Maxwell, former Bethlehem players who played an excellent game, bobbed up to relieve the pressure by conceding a corner. Jaap took the kick and placed perfectly to the goal mouth from where Stark touched the ball into the net with his head.

Bethlehem continued to press but could not reach the net, missing by the narrowest of margins when Blair seemed beaten and when not the New Bedford goalie handled the shots in effective style. Just before the half ended, Stark drove a rifle shot at the goal to strike the upright. Failure to follow up proved costly for the ball lay lose for several seconds before cleared by the visitors. The half ended with Bethlehem leading 1 to 0.

While it was Blair who was the busiest goalie in the first half it was Edwards who faced the most torrid barrage of shots after the restart. The visitors seemed to take on a new lease of life and flashing plenty of speed and well organized passing attacks had Bethlehem on the run a good bit of the time. Early in the half Edwards batted down a drive from Stephens and an instant later when hardly more than three yards out, McLeavy lifted over the cross bar.

New Bedford equalized after ten minutes of play when Stephens and McLeavy launched an attack. McLeavy took the parting shot and his drive high struck either underneath or against the cross bar but instead of rebounding dropped to the ground and just rolled over the line for a goal.

With the score knotted the Steelmen took the initiative and were rewarded within five minutes when Gillespie once more put his team into the lead. Down the field swept the Steel forwards, Gillespie driving hard for goal but in a straight line with Blair. The latter knocked down the ball but Gillespie followed his shot and getting there before Blair placed it into the net.

New Bedford equalized a few minutes later on a shot that was practically a gift. A foul against Carnihan gave the visitors a free kick closer to midfield than to goal. Montgomery lifted a bounding ball to the goal mouth where Edwards failed in his attempt to handle and dropped the ball. Best dashed in to beat the Bethlehem goalie to it and tapped it into the meshes.

Bethlehem's chances seemed doomed when a short time later Chedzoy, the New Bedford outside right, with a brilliant effort raced down the field and when well out and traveling at high speed he drove for the net. The ball swerved just enough to land high in the far corner of the net and well out of t he reach of Edwards. The goal was the prettiest scored in the game and the effort earned the plaudits of the Bethlehem rooters.

Scarcely more than a minute remained to be played when the Steelmen launched an attack in which Stark was carrying through when boxed by the backs. He passed perfectly to Gillespie on the right who was free at the time and had little trouble in tapping the ball into the net out of the reach of Blair. The game ended a short time later with the count tied. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- New Bedford
Edwards -- G -- Blair
H. Reid -- RFB -- McMillan
Allan -- LFB -- Lorimer
McDonald -- RHB -- Maxwell
Carnihan -- CHB -- Montgomery
MacGregor -- LHB -- McLaughlin
Gillespie -- OR -- Chedzoy
Granger -- IR -- Ballantyne
Stark -- CF -- Stevens
Rollo -- IL -- McLeavy
Jaap -- OL -- Best
Goals: Stark, Gillespie 2, McLeavy, Best Chedzoy. Substitutions: W. Jackson for Jaap. Referee: T. Cunningham. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

In spite of the hard game against New Bedford on the home lot on Saturday afternoon the Steelmen journeyed to New York on Sunday afternoon where they displayed plenty of class to defeat the New York Giants by the score of 4 to 3. The game was a league contest witnessed by more than 3,000 fans and as usual when these two teams get together, the tilt produced a sizzling battle.

An avalanche of goals featured the tussle, but at the final whistle the Steelmen had notched four which was one more than the rival New Yorkers and which not only gave them the verdict but the points in the league race.

The Giants opened by attacking but after notching the first goal it was Bethlehem almost exclusively from then on to half time whistle. Time and again the Giants were massed on the defense to check the Steelmen's scoring and while many shots went sailing harmlessly past or were cleverly handled, the Bethlehem crowd did manage to puncture the net for enough tallies in the first half to win the game.

In the second half Bethlehem was not quite as pronounced in predominating the play but at that had several dangerous breakaways, not any of which proved productive. The Giants fought with all their characteristic fight in the last half and aided by the sun had somewhat the better of the argument.

The Giants took the lead after hardly a minute had gone, Gruenwald putting across a great center which Moorhouse crashed into the net. Bethlehem drew level within a couple of minutes though Robertson and Gillespie, soon put them ahead. Three goals in eight minutes had the customers in a good humor, but more were soon to come.

Billy Herd tied up the score at 17 minutes, and the fur then began to fly. Up and down the field the ball went like lightening and one continuous roar poured out from the crowd. Robertson put the Steelworkers in front and Gillespie, coming along with another, enabled Bethlehem to lead at half time by 4 to 2.

But when the teams turned around things began to hum, for the Giants uncorked such a savage attack, Haeusler reduced the lead after five minutes with a great shot from 30 yards out, and with Edwards out of his goal, McMeekin knocked down Brown's shot which was on its way into the unguarded net.

Haeusler took the penalty, but the Bethlehem goalie made a wonderful save. The Giants' strong rally had the crowd in a frenzy of excitement, which yelled for the equalizing goal but to no avail.

N. Y. Giants -- Bethlehem
Fabian -- G -- Edwards
Gold -- RFB -- H. Reid
Tandler -- LFB -- McMeekin
Cameron -- RHB -- W. Reid
Guttman - -CHB -- Carnihan
Herd -- LHB -- MacGregor
Gruenwald -- OR -- Gillespie
Haeusler -- IR -- Jackson
Brown -- CF -- Stark
O'Brien -- IL -- Rollo
Moorehouse -- OL -- Robertson
Goals: Robertson 2, Gillespie 2; Moorehouse, Herd, Haeusler. Substitutes: Terry for Guttman, Hogg for Tandler, Granger for Jackson. Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen: J. Hume and J. Hayes. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club