The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 27, 1929
Blair, Sensational Goalie, Will be With New Bedford in Game Here Saturday

What promises to be one of the hardest fought soccer games witnessed in Bethlehem this season should materialize on Lehigh Field, the home grounds of the local booters on Saturday afternoon when hostilities will be resumed against New Bedford, the former American Soccer League club now reinstated and a member of the Eastern League.

Back into the good graces of the U. S. F. A., and entering a new circuit, the Whalers in their firs scheduled game in the Eastern League was paired against Bethlehem and auspiciously celebrated the occasion on the home ground last Sunday by stinging the invaders with a 2 to 1 defeat.

In all of the campaigning this season, New Bedford has been the only other team besides the New York Giants that was able to cope with the Bethlehem machine and emerge the victor. Twice in six league meetings the Giants were able to stop Bethlehem.

The Whalers will invade Bethlehem minus the services of Dave Edwards, former local player, but will hardly miss his absence with Tom Blair available for the custodian job. His phenomenal work on the New Bedford defense against the Bethlehem sharpshooters last Sunday is best described by the many shots he handled. BY actual count he turned by 31 well-labeled drives and in doing so gave a display of goal-tending probably never before witnessed.

But Blair will not be the only star comprised in the makeup of the visiting team. In McMillan and Hunter the club has a pair of backs who are fast, sturdy and daring in their tackling. The center halfback, Montgomery, is regarded by many as one of the best in the country and a player who vies strongly with Bill Cunningham, of Bethlehem, for this premier honor. Another halfback is Pitt, a sorrel-topped Irishman who went to the Whalers from the Philadelphia club and has been a regular ever since.

Outstanding on the forward line is Chedzoy, a speedy and clever outside right; Florey, an Italian who has been with the club for several years and is exceedingly dangerous when anywhere near to scoring range, along with Jerry Best, a left wing forward, who rivals Tommy Gillespie, of the home forces for speed.

Satisfied that the team representing Bethlehem last Sunday has the preponderance of play it is hardly likely that there will be any changes in the Bethlehem lineup.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club