The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 28, 1921
All-Star District Eleven Puts Up a Hard Fight But Was "Never in it."

The Bethlehem Steel eleven overwhelmed the picked team representing the Bethlehem and District Soccer League in an exhibition game on the local athletic field on Saturday afternoon, wining by the score of eight goals to none.

While on paper the picked eleven looked like a strong combination, they were unable to cope with the team work and speed of the Steel Workers.

The most profound weakness in the district lineup appeared to be the half back line, particularly the center half back as is indicated by the fact that all of Bethlehem's goals were scored from the center of the field. Then again, however, this player probably had the hardest job on the field for keeping pace with Harold Brittan, the Bethlehem center forward, and "Billy" Forrest, who was in great shape, was anything but the easiest job on the field.

Henderson, the goal for the district team, was probably the busiest individual on the field. He made many brilliant saves but could not cope with the volley of shots which at times were directed at him. Only in flashes, however, did the district team show any class and on these occasions erratic shooting deprived them of escaping a shutout. Johnny Galbraith was centering perfectly but it was usually Heath or Lance that were unable to finish.

The picked elevens best chance to score was presented in the second half when Kerr was penalized for carrying the ball and had an opportunity to try for goal from six yards out but due to a misunderstanding missed the goal entirely.

Jack Trotter, captain of the picked eleven, won the toss and Bethlehem Steel kicked off. During the first few minutes the district eleven were the aggressors and looked as through they might give the "big leaguers" a stiff argument but once the former championship machine settled down their opponents were for the most exclusively on the defense.

After seven minutes of play Brittan counted the first goal on a cross from Fleming, shooting from close range with no chance for Henderson to intercept the shot. The picked eleven then threatened, but only momentarily for after Heath and lance missed on fairly good opportunities, the Steel Workers again monopolized the play. Ten minutes later "Billy" Forrest crashed the ball into the net and a short time later added the third goal. With Forrest and Brittan running wild the opposing half back line was completely at sea. Just before half time Fleming got possession of the ball and scored.

At the resumption of play, Lance and Heath again missed several good opportunities before the Steel Workers took possession of the play. It was shortly afterward that Kerr was penalized. When the Steel Workers once again settled down it was only a question of time before they would again score. Forrest counted first in this half with a beautiful shot from eighteen yards out. Following his success Brittan then had little trouble in adding two more in quick succession on passes from Murphy. "Jimmy" played a nice game but was frequently called up for offside. Joe Morrison also played his usual good game, but was unable to score, being kept well covered by Yoeman, the picked eleven's left full back. The line-up:

Bethlehem Steel -- Beth. & Dist.
Kerr -- G -- Henderson
Collier -- R.F.B. -- Trotter
Ferguson -- L.F.B. -- Yeoman
Bethune -- R.H.B. -- Lovell
Campbell -- C.H.B. -- Stewart
Murray -- L.H.B. -- Borman
Murphy -- O.R. -- Galbraith
Morrison -- I.R. -- Heath
Brittan -- C.F. -- Lance
Forrest -- O.L. -- Paulson
Fleming -- I.L. -- Morrey
Goals -- Brittan, 3; Forrest, 4; Fleming. Referee -- Carpenter. Linesmen -- Williams and Fletcher. 40 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club