The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, March 28, 1929
Bethlehem Team Meets Whalers Here Prior to Away From Home Contest

The weekend may see some radical changes in the lineups of Eastern League clubs, all of which will materially strengthen the majority of the teams in the circuit. There are some teams that need little strengthening, if any, such as Bethlehem, Hakoah and the New York Giants, but if the changes anticipated materialize the weaker clubs will be brought to war strength.

All this is likely to be brought about by the ultimatum of some of the American Soccer League club managers, who to carry on, it is understood, have notified players that there will be a fifty percent cut in their salaries.

That the players do not fancy having their wages sliced is quite apparent by the attitude of one of the outstanding booters who with the Brooklyn Wanderers will be in Bethlehem on Saturday to negotiate with the local manager.

Though this player will be was not divulged although it is hinted that his acquisition would solve a defensive problem with which the team wrestled all season. Whatever new players are signed, if any, it was stated, will not be available for the Bethlehem team in its game against New Bedford here on Saturday afternoon.

And it’s in the New Bedford game that Bethlehem could probably use any new talent to the best advantage for the Whalers coming here at a large guarantee is recognized on a par with the strongest soccer clubs in the country.

To combat against the celebrities comprising the New England delegation Bethlehem may be forced to slightly rearrange its lineup. Tommy Maxwell is out with an injured arm and doubtful if the recently acquired halfback will be able to start. The jinx has seemingly singled out this department for Bob MacGregor, captain, is still ill and under the doctor’s care and it is doubtful if he will be able to don the uniform again this season.

The return of Bill Carnihan, however, will add strength to the first line defense in addition to Willie Reid and Johnny Rollo, the latter who will most likely be injected into Maxwell’s position. For the goal job, Beveridge, the young Philadelphia custodian who made his debut with the Steelmen against New Bedford last Sunday, strongly impressed with his work and is certain to be seen in that position with Marshall and Allan his defensive aids.

Fortunately the team will have the forward line intact with the exception of one position. Rollo, vacating the left wing to pinch hit in the halfback line, makes it necessary to use the veteran Robertson. The remainder of the combination will comprise Archie Stark, Tommy Gillespie, Johnny Jaap and Alec Massie.

The team is scheduled for a strenuous weekend, having three games booked in as many days. After the New Bedford setto here on Saturday, Bethlehem will travel to New York for the Sunday clash and will meet the Hungaria F. c. in a league game at Astoria, L. I. On Easter Monday the team will be in Philadelphia to play an exhibition game against the Lighthouse F. C.

While neither of the last two games present any serious threat and since Bethlehem is determined to avenge the New Bedford defeat, there will be no sparing of players in the Saturday game here. For the other two games the team will call upon some of the players loaned to Philadelphia.

Dick Marshall, student at Penn State, where he was captain and a forward on the college team, will probably be played in one or perhaps each of the last two games. Home for Easter vacation he can play one game for Bethlehem since hw was signed for a trial and for his first appearance in company with a big leaguers looked very good.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club