The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 29, 1920
Collier Makes First Appearance With Champions Who Easily Win

By Sita Dell
Bethlehem Steel defeated the Erie A. A. in the semifinal of the American Cup on Sunday at Federal Field, Harrison, by the score of five goals to one. A big crowd of fans witnessed the game and a big percentage of the me showed poor sportsmanship by their tactics during and after the game. Police protection was entirely inadequate for an important game, particular in that section where the crowd seems unable to take a defeat with good graces. Several Bethlehem players were kicked by a number of rowdies as they were leaving the field. William Morrison being the chief sufferer, being kicked on the head and body. The Erie players were much to blame for the tactics of the crowd as they tired every means in their power to stop the Bethlehem machine. Sturch seemed marked for special attention but he kept his head well never retaliating when Rogers or any of his teammates used unnecessary roughness.

Bethlehem won the toss and Duncan was called upon to save from Koelach. Bethlehem soon attacked and Harris and Campbell had shots for goal. Fleming was nest to show the Eries that Bethlehem meant business and Strong was called upon to save from Harris and Sturch. The Eries now tried to break through but found the Bethlehem defense in good form and play was soon confined to the Erie territory. After thirty minutes a penalty was awarded against Post for handling and Fleming converted easily. Five minutes later Fleming again scored on a cross from McKelvey and followed it up a few minutes later by beating Post with an individual effort and then deftly touching past Strong for his third goal. The score at the end of the first half Bethlehem three, Erie none.

Bethlehem was soon the aggressors and the Erie defense had a hard time holding the champions and the rough tactics they used only made matters worse for them as the referee called fouls on them whenever they abused a Bethlehem player unnecessarily. Bethlehem seemed to be content to hold the lead they had and the Eries took advantage of the momentary slackness and bombarded the Bethlehem goal and Archie Stark scored from 20 yards range. This goal was a great stimulus to the Eries and they tried hard to add to their score but Bethlehem were too strong for them and Murray scored the best goal of the game from 20 yards range. McKelvey added a fifth after a fine individual effort, beating Post and the goalkeeper with ease. Bethlehem now took matters easy and ran out easy winners.

The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Pos. -- Erie
Duncan -- G -- Strong
Collier -- R. B. -- Post
Ferguson -- L. B. -- Ingram
Murray -- R. H. B. -- Ford
Campbell -- C. H. B. -- Roger
Morrison -- L. H. B. -- Holt
McKelvey -- O. R. -- Knowles
Sturch -- I. R. -- A. Stark
Harris -- C. -- Koelsch
Forrrest -- I. L. -- T. Stark
Fleming -- O. L. -- Brierly
Referee, George Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen -- Rowley and Dunn. Goals, for Bethlehem -- Fleming, 3; Murray and McKelvey; for Erie -- A. Stark. Time of halves 45 minute.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club