The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 29, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Ben Millers Finalists in the West
The National soccer championship hinges on the outcome of the grand final between the Ben Millers of St. Louis and the Bethlehem Steel F. C., scheduled to meet in Brooklyn on April 11. Bethlehem Steel qualified by defeating J & P Coats in the final round, while the Ben Millers, finalists last year, advanced to the coveted round by disposing of the Canadian Club, of Chicago, on Sunday by the score of 2 goals to none. It is possible that a special excursion train will be run from Bethlehem to New York.

Four Times Winners of the Dewar Trophy
The Steel Workers will enter the National final slightly the favorite. Generally throughout the country, soccer supremacy is recognized in the American Soccer League. Furthermore, opinion favoring the Eastern clubs is inspired by the outcome of previous intersectional clashes in which the teams of the East have always proved their class. To fight for the championship is no new experience for the Steelmen. Having won the trophy four times, the Steelmen have attained a record that no other club has equaled. In fact, the Steel team was finalist in the National Cup competition on five different occasions, winning four out of five. While other clubs threatened to tie the cup honors of the locals, the Bethlehem team will have an opportunity of boosting their record still higher.

Commercial Greed Intimated
The executives of the U. S. F. A. have selected Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, N. Y., as the scene of the grand final. The original arrangement was to play the game in the West on April 10. The change of date threatens to complicate matters, with St. Louis protesting the change. Insofar as the Steelmen are concerned, it matters little whether the game is played in the East or the West, although to the fans the East would be the more favorable choice. St. Louis intimates commercial greed on the part of the cup executives, contending that the latter intend to stage the game in the East, believing that the gate will be much bigger than if played in the West. The Ben Millers are not considering the gate, but their chances of annexing the Dewar trophy. This much is intimated in the news dispatch from St. Louis stating "the St. Louis officials have protested vigorously against holding the game in the East and they may refuse to accept the dictate of the Cup Committee."

Obligatory With the Cup Committee
When and where the grand final is to be played is entirely up to the cup committee. However, an understanding is general that the scene of the big soccer classic alternate each year. If following out that precedent, this would be the year to play the game in the West. The fact that the Ben Millers won the final round may put a quite different aspect on where the final will be played. In spite of the fact that the cup committee have already arranged the site. It is believed that opinion was prevalent among the powers that be that the Canadians would win the Western final, and in that event there would be no opposition in playing the game in the East. St. Louis officials have a logical kick and it now remains to be seen whether the cup executives will yield. Rather than have the grand final pass into the discard, everyone would like to see the game played, feeling confident that on the form displayed by the Steelmen in the last half of the season it would bring them victory any place or any time the time is played.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club