The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 29, 1926
New England Team Nearly Blanked on Home Field Saturday, 4 to 1.

Aggressiveness and brilliant combination work on the part of the forwards and impregnable defense earned the Bethlehem Steel F. C. a decisive victory over New Bedford in an American League game on the Steel lot on Saturday afternoon. The score of 4 goals to 1 tells only part of the superiority of the Steelmen over the New England clan.

Robertson and Purvis Score

The Steel Workers cavorted in true championship style, outplaying their opponents in every department. The forward line, with two new acquisitions over the team that won the final in the cup classic functioned with all the precision possible. Arthur Robertson, at outside left, in place of Malcolm Goldie, contributed one of his best games of the season, while Jim Purvis, inside right, starred with his aggressive play. Between these two players the goal scoring honors were shared, each notching a pair of goals.

New Bedford, recognized as one of the strongest soccer clans in the American League loop, invaded Bethlehem and took the field with three former Steelmen sporting their colors. The right wing was comprised of Neil Turner and Sturdy Maxwell, but t his due of former Steel performers were unable to do anything against the daring defense of the Bethlehem clan. Lorimer, another former Steel Worker, was at outside right and several times his questionable playing narrowly averted a clash with Bethlehem players.

Few Rallies by Enemies

The Steel Workers were far the better team, holding the New Bedford clan safe at all times with the exception of a few rallies in which their breakaways were threatening, but proved harmless due to excellent handling of Carson or inaccurate shooting. Carson did not have much work to do, but what he did was performed well.

Sweet Team Work

Bethlehem's first goal was netted after one of the prettiest bits of combination play and passing witnessed on the Steel Field this season. From midfield, where Purvis got possession after the ball came from the halfback line, the Bethlehem front liners surged down the field. Purvis tapped to Rollo and the latter shoved the ball back to his inside mate on the right. With the defense drawn to the center, Purvis passed to Forrest on the extreme wing and the latter centered. Stark intercepted in excellent position in front of the goal, but with the backs closing in on him. He delayed long enough to draw the defense and shoved the ball to the toe of Robertson. The latter being free, let drive for a goal, a low stinging shot toward the corner, which Murdock dove for, and partly knocked down. Purvis, closing in, finished by locating it in the net.

In relieving the attack, Bethlehem's second goal was of the unique type, being a header from Arthur Robertson from not less than fifteen yards out, and on a pass from Purvis. Robertson sent the ball true to the mark, sailing into the net just under the cross bar, after Murdock had apparently misjudged the speed the ball was traveling and had leaped too early in his attempt to tip it over. Bethlehem continued to attack although unable to add to their score before half-time.

Within ten minutes after the restart, the Steel Workers gathered in another goal. On a free kick from McGregor, Stark headed but Murdock knocked down the ball. Before he could clear, Robertson drove it into the net. Welsh, the visitors' right halfback, sustained a gash over his eye in a collision with a Bethlehem player and for fifteen minutes the visitors were forced to play with ten men. During his absence the game seemed to slow up, but when he returned, it again became fast and continued so to the end.

Visitors Work for Score

A penalty awarded on a foul by Cowan against Robertson for tripping resulted in Bethlehem's fourth and final goal, which came off the toe of Purvis. From then on, New Bedford played hard to evade a shutout and initiated its most threatening raid of the game. Lorimer, Best and McLeavy had shots for goal before Bethlehem cleared safely, but their aim was poor and no scoring resulted. Less than a minute remained to be played when the visitors were given a free kick just outside the penalty area on a foul against McDonald. Cochrane took the kick and sent a looping drive straight to the net. Carson came out of goal to intercept, but missed, and the ball landed in the meshes, saving the invaders from a goose egg. The game ended a few seconds later. The lineup:

New Bedford -- Bethlehem
Murdock -- G -- Carson
Cowan - -RFB -- Berryman
Hunter -- LFB -- Allen
Welsh -- RHB -- McDonald
McIntosh -- CHB -- Carnihan
Cochrane -- LHB -- McGregor
Turner -- OR -- Forrest
Maxwell -- IR -- Purvis
Best -- CF -- Stark
McLeavey -- IL -- Rollo
Lorimer -- OL -- Robertson
Goals: Robertson 2, Purvis 2, Cochrane 1. Linesmen, Walders and Kelly. Referee: Cunningham. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club