The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, March 29, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Lest the Fans Forget
There is every evidence that the old game crowd will turn out to see New Bedford, until quite recently a member of the outlaw league, and Bethlehem play their game on the home lot on Saturday afternoon, the crowd which attended the games when Bethlehem was a member of the American League and when New Bedford was one of its most spirited rivals. In this connection it might not be amiss to inject a reminder that New Bedford comes back to the fold of organized soccer not because the team was forced to make the change but of its own volition. New Bedford could have just as well followed the course of some of the other clubs and dropped out entirely but like the prodigal came to realize the error in bucking the parent body and for the good of the game sought reinstatement. In view of these circumstances it is to be hoped that the fans will receive the visitors in the same spirit of partiality by which Bethlehem was accorded a rousing reception on the invasion to New Bedford last Sunday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club