The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, March 29, 1929
Bethlehem Booters Will Be In War Regalia For New Bedford Invasion Saturday

The ranks of the Bethlehem soccer team are rapidly becoming depleted but not due to ravages operated by the warring faction. Circumstances unforeseen and which could not be avoided have materially pared down the personnel of the home club and leaves only a remnant of reserves to be called upon in an emergency. However, the loss of those players will not affect the strength of the team Bethlehem will pit against New Bedford on the latter’s first invasion here for an Eastern League game on Saturday afternoon for while inroads were inflicted by the loss of some of the men, the regulars remain intact.

Ineligible to compete under organized soccer and advised of this fact, John Delaney, a halfback, and John Mulhall, a forward, booked passage for Scotland and will sail on Saturday morning. Their differences, it is understood, can readily be adjusted upon their arrival home and both look forward to a speedy reinstatement with the Scottish Football Association so they can return and again sport the colors of the Blue and White of the local team.

Before coming to this country Delaney and Mulhall were members of the Scottish Intermediate League, a loop banned by the Scottish Football Association. Operating in harmony with the U. S. F. A., the latter organization was notified of their ineligibility and forthwith notified the local management. Both players will leave on the best of terms with the Bethlehem team and more or less welcome the opportunity to return home to become reinstated.

Only recently Hugh Reid, big Irish fullback, was forced to return to his native heath in Ireland on business matters and prior to that John McClure, a goalie, was released. In addition to these players Bernard Malloy, the young Bayonne, N. J., forward chaffing under idleness was given his voluntary release, but is subject to call if needed, and the veteran Bob MacGregor, captain of the team, is still indisposed and receiving medical attention. The return of the latter for any more playing this season is doubtful.

Shifted from one position to another as the emergency demands, Walter Jackson, former Bethlehem player and again back with the local booters, shoed at his best when played at right halfback for the Philadelphia Cents. Originally he was a forward but it remained for the Phillies to determine that he was equally if not more effective on the first line defense.

When Maxwell was injured in the New Bedford game last Sunday, Jackson was given the opportunity of playing on the halfback line and impressed to such an extent that he will again be given the opportunity to play that position on Saturday. By this arrangement Johnny Rollo, most adept as a forward, but valuable for general utility work, will be able to play the left wing forward paired with Alec Massie at the inside position.

The lineup of the two teams will be as follows:

Bethlehem – New Bedford
Beveridge – G – Blair
Marshall – RFB – McMillan
Allan – LFB – Hunter
Jackson – RHB – Pitt
Carnihan – CHB – Montgomery
Reid – LHB – Stewart
Gillespie – OR -- Chedzoy
Jaap – IR – McLeavey
Stark – CF – Florey
Massie – IL – Howieson
Rollo – OL – Best

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club