The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 30, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Take "Fall" Out of Fall River
one of the most glaring upsets of the season took place yesterday afternoon when Boston F. C., fourth club in the American Soccer League standing, journeyed to Tiverton, R. I., the home grounds of Fall River and defeated the National champions in the final round of the American Soccer League cup competition. Fall River was a hot favorite and with all the apparent advantages was expected to eliminate the Hubmen. In the league game against Providence, Saturday a week ago, several of the Fall River players were banished from the game. However, their suspension did not mean a thing in the cup competition for Fall River lined up with the club that had been a consistent winner in the league campaigning all season, by virtue of the victory Boston earns the right to compete against the Ben Miller team of St. Louis in the East vs. West series next month and with which will go the professional soccer championship of the United States.

Moral Effect in League Campaigning
Fall River's defeat at the hands of Boston yesterday afternoon may mean bushes for the Bethlehem Steel team in the league race. The tense suspense of the consistent play of the former national champions and then a defeat in the biggest classic of the soccer season threatens a complete collapse of the soccer machine that has played havoc with all the other clubs in the circuit. At least that is what Bethlehem fans are hoping for it brightens the prospects of the Steel Workers in the league race. With one more game played that Fall River, the Bethlehem team is deadlocked with Fall River for first place in the league standing. If the Steel Workers are to get an even break at the close of the season, Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia, with whom Fall River has a game to play at the latter place, is the club to put the Steel clan in the running.

Post Season Series Possible
An invasion to Canada for a series of three or four games is anticipated by the Bethlehem team. However, in the event of a deadlock in the American League race the chances are that a post season series with Fall River would prove far more profitable. Fall River has already invited the Steel Workers to play an exhibition game regardless of the outcome of the league race. And it is no secret that the local clan are itching for another chance at the former national champions. No more severe blow could have been dealt out to the Harold Brittan aggregation than the set back in the cup competition which deprives the team from defending its title as the champion in the American soccer field.

A Game With Boston
Since Boston eliminated Fall River in the cup competition the closing home game of the season for the Bethlehem team promises to be the biggest soccer classic held here this year. Next Saturday the New York Giants, a tail end club that has been highly successful against the Steel Workers, will be the attraction on the Steel Field and the following week Boston is scheduled for the fourth and final meeting between the two clubs this season. Regardless of whether Bethlehem figures in the league race or not, the local clan will feel consoled in the fact that the Boston team has not defeated them this season. Three league games were played. In the first Bethlehem drew at two goals each and on the second and third by the score of 1 to 0 and 2 to 1.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club