The Globe - Bethlehem
March 31, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
No Special But Many Going
Many soccer fans who have been waiting patiently all season for a real treat will accompany the Bethlehem Steel Workers to Brooklyn on Sunday to witness the clash with the Robins Dry Docks in the fifth round National Cup competition. This tilt is regarded as one of the country's most important competitions. Much has been said about the conditions and feelings existing between these two clans and followers of the sport are well aware that they are going to see a battle royal. Earlier in the week there was some talk heard down around the corridors of the main offices of the Bethlehem Steel Co. relative to subscribing enough fans to warrant a special train to the scene of the conflict but owing to the work connected in rounding up the fans and the attitude of the railroad officials in running excursions at this time, the matter was dropped. Activities in both camps are being carried on with a great degree of secrecy. However, it need not be mentioned that both clubs are devoting their best efforts in perfecting a machine that will bring them home the bacon. Bethlehem dropped two games this year while the Robins can boast of a clean slate. The two games lost by the home clan were dropped in the National League during the time the team was recuperating from their trip abroad. Also, since then there have been a number of valuable additions made to the squad and the acquisition of these new players has reinforced the team to a strength greater than at any other time since the inception of the game as a major sport in this city. That Bethlehem has again assumed a winning stride was evidenced on Sunday last when the Erie F. C. one of Bethlehem's conquerors in a National League tilt, were easily defeated in the final of the American Cup.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club