The Globe - Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 31, 1920

Local fans who expect to travel to Brooklyn to see the Robins Dry Dock vs. Bethlehem Steel game on Sunday next are requested to notify Wm. Sheridan at Bethlehem Steel Athletic office, Telephone No. 222, so that arrangements can be made for reservations. Todds field, where the game will be played, will be taxed to its full capacity long before the game starts, so that notice of reservations must be given to the officials in charge not later than Friday.

Great excitement prevails in the Robins camp in connection with the coming game with the champions and betting is heavy. The Robins are undergoing special training for the game. They know they will have the hardest game of the season when they clash with the Steel Workers and will leave nothing undone in the way of preparation for the game.

The Robins have established a great reputation this season but the majority of the fans in the country have been looking forward to the clash with the Bethlehemites as the real acid test. Todds field is short and narrow and barely conforms to the requirement of the laws. This condition will no doubt be a big handicap to the Steel Workers who are used to playing on a field that is the regulation size. However, the experience of the Steel Workers should help them to overcome all difficulties and they only need to reproduce the brand of football that they exhibited last Sunday to run out winner.

Comparing the two teams on the performance of the last four games the Steel Workers will seem to have the edge and no doubt the champions are a much improved team from that which represented them in the earlier part of the season. Every position seems to be filled in a manner that would leave little room for improvement and this all-around strength ought to be a great asset to them. The Robbins are undefeated to date but have won the majority of their games by the odd goal whereas Bethlehem have been running up big scores recently on all opponents. The Bethlehem halfback line looks like being the key on which the result of the game will depend. As a trio they are superior to the Robins intermediate line and ought to be able tot stop the Robins' forwards and at the same time assist their own forwards in the attack. As football artists, the last line of defense on the Bethlehem team is also superior to the Robins, but it often happens that in cup football men rise to the occasion, and for this reason a stubborn defense from the Dry Dockers is expected.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club