The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, April 1, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Dangerous Whalers
New Bedford soccer team has certainly now convinced fans that it is an aggregation of players wide awake to take advantage of every opportunity and a team of players not to be toyed with. The prodigal Whalers returned to the parent organization less than three weeks ago but in this brief time they have opposed and defeated the cream of the Eastern Soccer League. Twice Bethlehem has gone down in defeat at the hands of New Bedford, losing here on Saturday after the homesters seemed to have the game sewed up. Then on Sunday the New York Giants, National Cup semi-finalist, went over the same route Bethlehem traveled.

Another Blast for Comparative Results
If any soccer dopesters roving this neck of the woods base their predictions on comparative results deductions for this season would lead them nowhere. Hakoah All-Stars, a team defeated by Bethlehem in every league start, is battling for the National Cup honors and by virtue of the victory over the Madisons, of St. Louis, western finalists, seem to have a strangle hold on this classic crown. The Hakoahs journeyed into St. Louis territory to win 2 to 0 and if playing in home environs is an advantage the All-Star Jewish aggregation should experience little difficulty in repeating when the Madisons come East. Here’s the comparative deduction and what’s the answer? Bethlehem defeated Hakoah in every league start: the Giants drew with Bethlehem in the first cup tie and then won in the replay. In the Eastern final of the National Cup Hakoah defeated the Giants.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club