The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, April 2, 1929
Defeat Lighthouse, of Philadelphia, in Holiday Exhibition Game, 5 to 1.

Playing the third game in as many days, the Bethlehem soccer team easily conquered in an exhibition tilt in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon, defeating the Lighthouse dribblers, of that city, by the score of 5 to 1. The game brought out a fair holiday attendance.

The Eastern Leaguers proved far superior to the Quakers although the latter played hard but were unable to match the skill of their more veteran opponents. Bethlehem fielded a club with a rearranged lineup and the inclusion of one newcomer in the person of Murphy, a youngster, who is getting trial with the team. He played the wing forward on the right side.

Archie Stark, premier center forward who has played that position in practically all of the games for Bethlehem this season, swapped positions at inside right while Tommy Gillespie, the wing forward, and took the center berth to provide a vacancy for Murphy on the wing. This rearrangement had no bad effect whatever on the effectiveness of the forward line, apparent by the five goals notched.

Tommy Gillespie was the scoring ace of the day. Fed liberally by his mates on the forward line, the speedy Gillespie crashed the ball into the net on no less than four occasions. The odd goal was notched by Purgavie, playing outside left.

The Eastern League schedule for the weekend has not yet been announced. The delay is occasioned by the arrangements for the second game of the final round in the National Cup competition, which will be played between Hakoah of New York and Madisons of St. Louis, in Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon. However, it is quite certain that Bethlehem will have a game and will most probably be listed to play at home or in Philadelphia on Saturday. The lineup:

Bethlehem Lighthouse
Beveridge G Kerr
Wilson RFB Smith
Allan LFB Sunderlin
Maxwell RHB Walsh
Carnihan CHB Gilmore
Rollo LHB Keenan
Murphy OR -- Laub
Stark IR Ryan
Gillespie CF -- Edwards
Massie IL Bergin
Purgavie OL Miller
Goals: Gillespie 4, Purgavie 1. Edwards 1. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club