The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 3, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Soccer Classics
The weekend will witness two important soccer classics, one of which will produce the national champion and the other the first leg on the American Soccer League cup championship. The National finalists are the New York Nationals, Charley Stoneham's clan of booters, and the Chicago Bricklayers, the survivors of the Western competition. This game goes to bat at the Polo Grounds, New York, the home playing field of the Nationals. The other cup fracas involves Bethlehem Steel and Boston. This is a two-game affair, the first of which is played in Philadelphia on Saturday and the next meeting in Boston the Saturday following.

Not Saying it, But Thinking
A good many soccer fans have formed their own opinion on the merit of the clubs to meet in the National finals, one of which must survive to be recognized as the premier booting organization of the country. Opinions which in print would probably not be very complimentary. Such sentiment is gleaned by remarks picked up here and there throughout the circuit and dropped by chaps who know their soccer. However, what anyone things does not mean a thing. The Nationals, after all, managed to bust through the cup grind to land on top. The fact that some of the recognized stronger clubs took the count on an off day or for any other reason is their own funeral. The Nationals survived the test. In a series of games or even a single game, the writer's personal opinion is that there is more than one or two teams in the American Soccer League loop that could take over the Nationals.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club