The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 4, 1921
Strengthen Position for Title in National League Race Yesterday Over in Jersey.

Bethlehem Steel added two valuable points to their total in the race for the National League pennant yesterday when they defeated Babcock and Wilcox F. C. at Bayonne by the score of 5 goals to 2. The Babs put up a good game for the first 60 minutes and were leading by 2 goals to 1 twelve minutes after the start of the second half. However, the goal that gave them the lead proved to be the stimulus that was necessary to make the Steel Workers play in their best form and four gals were registered by the Bethlehem forwards as the result of almost continuous pressure on the Babs defense in the last half hour of play. The physical condition of the steel Workers was superior to that of the Babs and the boilermakers seemed to be glad to hear the final whistle. Bart McGhee, the Philadelphia player who played outside left for Bethlehem, made an auspicious start when he registered the opening goal with a beautiful shot in the first 30 seconds of play. He was also prominent throughout the game and was always dangerous when within range of the goal. Kerr, Fletcher and Ferguson were sound defenders and showed a good understanding at all times. Forrest was given a trial at left halfback and was fairly successful but it was easily seen that he is more at home as a forward when, with the score 2 to 1 against the Steel Workers, he was moved up to the line and his presence seemed to stabilize the attack. Murphy centered accurately and Brittan distributed the play in his best form. Morrison has been seen to better advantage and the same can be said of Satterwaite, who was far below his usual standard.

For the Babs, Kesson was the outstanding man on the team and time and again he handled and diverted shots that seemed sure to register. Muirhead, Campbell and Muir were also prominent, but the latter spoiled several opportunities by too much individualism, especially when opposed to a player with the ability of the Bethlehem captain.

The Babs won the toss and elected to play with the sun and wind behind them and Brittan set the game in motion with a pass to Satterwaithe. The Babs got possession but Campbell dispossessed Muir and t he Bethlehem left wing broke away and McGhee opened the scoring with a great cross shot that was strongly reminiscent of Fleming at his best. Kesson had his first glimpse of the ball when he picked it out of the net. Bethlehem continued to attack and Brittan and McGhee had good shots, but Kesson was now fully awake for the rest of the game and he stopped several shots that looked dangerous.

The Babs were now playing with aggressiveness, whereas the early success of the Steel Workers seemed to make them feel that goals would come without any great effort and they were rudely awakened when Campbell scored for the Babs from close range with a shot that completely deceived Kerr. Both teams were now striving hard for the lead, but half time found the score tied with the Steel Workers attacking.

Bethlehem started off with a rush, but the Babs' defense was sound and the ball was soon transferred to the other end, where Kerr was forced to concede a corner when hard pressed. The ball was centered beautifully and Muir added the second goal for the Babs from close range.

The Steel Workers now realized that they had a real game on hand and in the next two minutes Brittan tied the score after clever work during which he beat both backs and drew the goalkeeper out and then shot into the open goal. McGhee showed good judgment in this play when he passed to Brittan, who was in the best position to get through. Bethlehem was now playing with great dash and the Babs were fast weakening with the result that Kesson was overworked and three more goals were added to the Bethlehem total, Brittan, Murray and McGhee being responsible for the final touches that practically clinched the league pennant for Bethlehem.

In the closing minutes the Babs made a belated spurt to reduce the leeway, but Bethlehem's citadel was ably defended and a well contested game ended in favor of the Steel Workers by the score of 5 goals to 2.

Bethlehem will now center its efforts to winning the pennant without a defeat being registered against her.


Beth. Steel. -- Babs.
Kerr -- G -- Kesson
Fletcher -- RB -- Muirhead
Ferguson -- LB -- Laird
Murray -- RHB -- Neil
Forrest -- LHB -- T. Ferguson
Murphy -- OR -- Elliott
Morrison -- IR -- Demmell
Brittan -- C -- Muir
Satterwaite -- IL -- Campbell
J. McGhee -- OL -- Smith
Referee: R. McMahon. Linesmen: G. Findlay, Babcock, and J. Collier, Bethlehem. Goals for Bethlehem by Brittan 2, McGhee, Murphy and Forrest; for Babcock by Campbell and Muirhead. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club