The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 4, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Hail Alec Jackson
Alec Jackson, one-time star forward with the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club, of which his brother, Walter, is a present member, is heralded as the greatest soccer exponent of all time in Europe. Writers have frequently referred to him as such, but have been more convincing in paying their tributes during the last week. Echoes from across the pond tell of his sensational exploits in two of the greatest soccer classics of the year in Europe, which have elevated him to the pinnacle as the soccer hero of the country. Just what terms have been applied in describing his merits will be anxiously scanned by his host of friends in this country upon the arrival of the papers carrying accounts of the games. In the great international conflict played on Saturday, in which Scotland beat England 5 goals to 1, Jackson, plying a wing position, accounted for three of the goals. Of equal importance, if not more so, was the semi-final round of the English Cup, in which Huddersfield Town defeated Sheffield United 1 goal to 0. It was the third attempt between the two clubs before Huddersfield succeeded in advancing into the final and the lone goal was the result of an effort by Jackson. To him many friends and soccer enthusiasts in general, it might be of interest to know that in this game Jackson played center forward.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club