The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, April 5, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Disston Gets Robins-Erie Re-play
If Bethlehem was among the sites considered for the replay of the Robins-Erie American Cup semi-final, the A.F.A. gave the Steel Workers' field the cold shoulder in its deliberations. Tacony, Phila., the home of the Disston A. A. is the location announced by the A. F. A. as the scene of hostilities in hopes of breaking the deadlock existing between these two clubs in the fourth replay meeting. Local fans will, of course, regret this action for had Bethlehem been chosen as the place to settle the differences, the event would undoubtedly have been the blue ribbon classic of the season. The game is to be played to a finish and on this occasion the officials will instruct the referee together with the club managers that the issue must be decided at this meeting. The third replay in the semifinal in Philadelphia was also scheduled as a "battle to the finish," and for failing to comply with this order, Referee Lamble was suspended from further participation in the semi-final. According to the dope emanating from the headquarters of the A.F.A. moguls, a motion to suspend the captains of both teams, who were charged with coming to an agreement to cease hostilities for the day, was dropped and they were let down with a reprimand. The latter claimed that they were tired after playing the hard game and this was the cause of their failure to keep on playing.

Will be Good Soccer Field
The right step, it is believed, has been taken in booming soccer in this district by the minor aggregation, and some of the wise ones are predicting that next season Bethlehem and vicinity will be a hot-bed for the sport. Educating the sporting included to the game has been an arduous task. The minor organizations appear to have solved the problem during this season, particularly the latter part, have added hundreds of devotees to the ranks of the sport's lovers. It takes someone educated to the sport to appreciate the clever and scientific work of the aggregation of players such as the Steel Workers and once these fans have become confirmed enthusiasts of soccer, it will take just such displays as can only be presented by a clan of the caliber of the former champions to appease their appetites. The existence of soccer circuits in Bethlehem, Easton and Allentown, it is predicted, will be the origin of stimulating interest and rivalry and great care should be exacted in the drawing of schedules for next season, not only in the point of interest to Bethlehem, but the neighboring cities as well. Inter-city clashes should be the medium of inspiring greater love for the sport and once this is accomplished, playing such as is witnessed on the Bethlehem Steel field, the best to be seen anywhere in the country, should certainly profit.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club