The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 6, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bethlehem Team at Their Best
While previous in the season the Steel Workers displayed flashes of championship form their consistent playing in the last several games has been most impressive of all and on the strength of this home town rooters are pinning their hopes that the Blue and White will romp through the six remaining games for victory. Fall River has seven more games to play but if not mistaken have but one or two of these games to play in this district. Fleisher Yarn is probably the one best hope to check Fall River and, if not a victory, a draw for the Philadelphians, would place Bethlehem on an equal basis with the title contenders. That is providing Bethlehem turn in a victory in the next six starts. Many soccer experts are of the opinion that Fall River has shot its bolt and that the moral effect of the elimination in the cup competition will have a material bearing on the future games. Fall River's stride has been consistent and a "blow" at this stage of the race with Bethlehem pressing hard for the honors threatens disaster. A deadlock in the league race presents the possibility of a post-season series with more than likely another Fall River visit to Bethlehem.

Play Superior Soccer But Lose
The cruel stroke of fate which has been so conspicuous in American League soccer this season was again evident on Saturday afternoon, when the Ben Millers, winners of the St. Louis League, defeated the Boston F. C., American League cup champion, in the first of a two out of three game series played in St. Louis. The score was 1 to 0. Accounts of the game indicate that Boston was far the better team but was unable to convert goals. The Ben Millers on the other hand seemingly glaringly lacking on the forward line but with a good defense, sneaked through the goal that brought victory in the last three minutes of play. With a one goal lead the St. Louis clan massed their entire team into a defensive bulwark, reinforcing their trenches with the forwards and held Boston safe to the end of time. Ten thousand spectators witnessed the game and a crowd of like proportion is anticipated when St. Louis comes east this weekend to meet Boston on the grounds of the Hubmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club