The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, April 6, 1926
That is the Anticipation When Bethlehem Meets the St. Louis Team

Soccer's record crowd in the United States is expected at Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, next Sunday afternoon when the national championship will be played with the Bethlehem Steel F. C. from the East and the Ben Miller F. C. from the West as aspirants for the honors that go with victory in such a game.

New England heretofore has had the distinction of assembling the greatest crowd at a soccer classic, but every indication now points to a new mark being created at the impending match.

The contest next Sunday is the last stage of a competition conducted by the United States Football Association, the governing body in this country, and the Bethlehems and Ben Millers stand as the two undefeated elevens in the series of rounds that have led up to the final.

Early last fall, 131 teams from all parts of the land entered this national joust. The Western teams were ground as were those of the East.

A secret draw was held to accomplish the pairing of the teams for the preliminary round. The first name out was the home club for the game involved and the second name, that of the visitors, and so on down the line until all the clubs had been provided for. The winners were then similarly paired in other rounds until each section produced an undefeated finalist.

Bethlehem and Ben Miller are these finalists this year and they will meet at Ebbetts Field next Sunday to settle the issue.

Bethlehem has won this national championship four times and the Ben Millers have captured it once -- in 1919-20. In addition to that honor that year, the Ben Millers were chose as the champions of this country to visit Sweden where they more than held their own with the best over there.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club