The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 7, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Both Contenders Meet Away
In games over the weekend in the American Soccer League race both Bethlehem Steel and Fall River, contenders for the honors, will be engaged in hostilities away from home. The Steel Workers will journey to New York to conclude the season's engagements with Indiana Flooring while Fall River comes down from New England to entertain in Philadelphia against the Philadelphia F. C. Relative to the latter game arrangements must have been again revised for it was understood that the Philadelphia management had agreed to transfer the game to the home grounds of the Fall River team. While one can hardly expect the lowly Phils to throw a wrench into the accurate working machine of Fall River, still greater surprises than such an occurrence have happened in American League Soccer this season. The Giants, fighting with the Phils for the cellar positions, did the unexpected on Sunday when after a hard game in Bethlehem the day previous they held the strong and fresh Fall River team to a one goal draw. Satisfied that the Phils will hardly defeat Fall River, the best Bethlehem fans can hope for is a draw and a victory for Bethlehem. Then Bethlehem will have Fall River deadlocked for first place with the advantage of having to play one game less than Fall River. Fans would welcome a best two out of three game series with Fall River to decide the issue and it is safe to say that financial return of such a series would be well wroth battling for by the two clubs.

Six More Games But Only One at Home
The soccer season in Bethlehem will end after the Boston game in this city. When that will be depends largely on the Boston-St. Louis clash on the grounds of the Hubmen next Saturday afternoon. For Boston to win the visit of the conquerors of Fall River in the cup tie competition will be delayed for another week for St. Louis has already won the first game of the series to decide the National professional title. On the other hand for St. Louis to win will mean probably that Boston will be a visitor to Bethlehem the week following. Boston, with Providence, the latter game at the latter place, loom up as the two clubs most threatening to upset the stride of the Steel dribblers in the race to the wire. As a climax to the home season a no more fitting or attractive classic than the Bethlehem-Boston game could be desired. Chances are that when Boston does come to Bethlehem the Hubmen will visit here with the title of National champions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club