The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, April 7, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Lost Art
Notching penalty kicks these days appears to be a lost art of the Bethlehem soccer team or the team is possessed by a jinx that can’t be shaken off. A missed penalty eliminated Bethlehem in its quest for national championship honors and another missed penalty in the game against Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon deprived the homesters of sharing the points with Brooklyn. IN fact, it was a double try on Saturday that missed the mark, making the fault all the more glaring. It is hard to conceive why so many of these kicks have been missed by Bethlehem of late and recalls the days of Tommy Fleming when the white topped outside wing booted in the spot kicks with startling rapidity. Records are not available on the penalty kicks missed by Bethlehem this season but it is doubtful if more than three out of the last 10 have been accomplished. A glaring contrasts presents itself when one delves a little deeper into the records of the Bethlehem team to unearth the fact that Whitey Fleming had a record of 39 out of 40 possible chances.

Not Bearing Down
Seeing Bethlehem play on Saturday and knowing the capabilities of the home team, many fans were convinced that the team was not bearing down and were surprised that Brooklyn did not roll up bigger score on the day’s display. It has intimated by many that perhaps the rumor going the rounds that the team is to disband at the close of the present season never again to be reorganized as a Bethlehem club may have something to do with the performance and that players have lost much of their interest. Be it what it may, the loyals who seldom miss a game are convinced that the Bethlehem team to lose to Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon was not the Bethlehem team of previous games.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club