The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 8, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Not Likely to Play Scottish Invader
While the officials of the Bethlehem Steel team would like to pit the local soccerites against the team of Scottish players which will invade Canada and America, the probabilities of the game here are mighty slim. In the first place, the conditions will hardly be favorable for a grueling 90 minutes of playing at the season of the year they are reported to arrive and again the status of the American teams, particularly the Bethlehem outfit which visited Sweden, might prove a stumbling block. According to one of the officials of the team, Secretary Cahill says that the trouble is all smoothed over, but the Canadians apparently do not think so, for they are still skeptical relative to negotiating for games with Bethlehem. Should there be a least mite of chance to bring the Scottish booters here, it is believed the authorities will make luring concessions to make a game possible. The fact is, according to press reports, that the team will not get here until some time in July, and the weather conditions then will be decidedly adverse to soccer. Furthermore, the local players by then will have forgotten soccer for the year and would hardly be in condition to meet a crack team of players. Many of the Bethlehem players are personally acquainted with some of the Scottish celebrities and before coming to this country played with and against a good many of them. The visiting as well as the local players would relish a game, for it would present an opportunity to renew acquaintances.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club