The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 9, 1923
Game Here Saturday Results in a 2 to 0 Goal Victory
On Sunday Same Teams Play in Brooklyn With Even Results

by Lucien Esty
The Bethlehem F. C. maintained its record of not having lost a game on the home field when it defeated the Brooklyn Wanderers in an American Soccer League contest Saturday afternoon on the Steel field by the score of 2 goals to 0 in a well played and closely contested match.

The visitors won the toss and elected to defend the west goal with their backs to the sun, giving Bethlehem a slight wind advantage. Bethlehem took the ball at the start off and carried it down the field. Terris made a pretty pass to Goldie, who booted the ball into one of the corners of the net, give Surgeror no chance to make a save. The assist by Terris which enabled Goldie to score was as cleverly executed as the drive which lodged the ball in the meshes.

Having started off so auspiciously, it looked as if the Blue and White clad local team would run away with the Brooklynites, but the visiting fullbacks effectively broke up all further attempts to score in the first half. The ball see-sawed back and forth, neither side getting the advantage. Brooklyn was putting up a better brand of football than they are accustomed to display with the result that, if anything, they had the edge on the local team, although unable to score.

In the second half the ball was almost constantly in the visitors' territory. The ball got down to Bethlehem's fullback line occasionally, but was promptly returned down the field, giving Highfield practically nothing to do at goal. Bethlehem appeared to be content to hold on to its one-point lead in view of the fact that it was due to play Brooklyn the following day at Brooklyn.

Bethlehem's second goal was tallied after about thirty minutes of play. There was a scrimmage about twenty yards from the Brooklyn goal, in which Rattray, captain of the Bethlehem eleven, with his back turned away from the goal, booted the ball swiftly along the ground, trusting to his sense of direction entirely. The ball scarcely left the ground in its course to the corner of the net. The play caught Surgeror completely off his guard and the drive lodged into the net before the Brooklyn goalie realized what had happened. It was one of the prettiest goals ever seen on the Bethlehem field.

Goldie, Terris and Rattray featured the game for the winners, while Surgeror and Barr starred for the visitors. Both sets of fullbacks proved themselves capable. Young and Ferguson lightened Highfield's work at goal, while Robertson and Hunt broke up many offensives launched at the Brooklyn goal.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Brooklyn
Highfield -- G -- Surgeror
Young -- RFB -- Robertson
Ferguson -- LFB -- Hunt
Raeside -- RHB -- Moore
Carnihan -- CHB -- Moore
Terris -- LHB -- Baird
Campbell -- OR -- Lawrence
Rattray -- IR -- Bishop
McNiven -- CF -- Thompson
Maxwell -- IL -- Burr
Goldie -- OL -- Borward
Goals; Goldie, Rattray. Linesmen: Agar and Faulds. Referee: George Young, Philadelphia. Time of halves 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club