The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 9, 1923
This Was Result of Soccer Match Between Brooklyn and Steel on Sunday

Winning from Brooklyn F. C. on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon, Bethlehem F. C. journeyed to the home of the Greater New Yorkers yesterday, but failed to repeat their success, the ninety minutes of hostilities ending with the score deadlocked at three goals each. Both clubs gained a point in the American Soccer League, but the Steel Workers hold their place at the top of the table.

Injuries played havoc with the teamwork of the Bethlehems, three substitutions being necessary to start the game. McFarlane, a regular who was on the bench with injuries since the Fall River game the Saturday previous, returned to the lineup, relieving Raeside. However, with the return of McFarlane, regulars requiring treatment at the dispensary were: McNiven, Maxwell and Capt. Rattray. Their positions were tilled by Faulds, "Jimmy" Easton and Grainger. At half-time, the Brooklyn Wanderers were leading 3-2 and it was largely due to the fact that Taylor, outside right on the home team, hurt his leg and returned in the second half that Bethlehem was able to equalize.

Taking the ball down the field from the kickoff, Taylor centered to Bleich, who shot the first goal for Brooklyn, Bethlehem came back when Easton headed through Campbell's center in three minutes. Brooklyn's second tally came through good combination work on the right wing . Mennie passing to Bleich, who scored ten minutes later. Taylor headed in Brooklyn's third goal off a rebound from Barr's drive after Mennie's center. It then lacked fifteen minutes of half-time. A minute before ends were change, Easton scored again for Bethlehem from Granger's pass.

Taylor injured his knee in a mix-up before Bethlehem's goal twenty minutes after the restart. Treatment failed to get him back into the game and he limped off the ground. Two minutes after this Bethlehem forced a corner on the right, Campbell taking the kick. Goldie got possession and passed to Easton, who equalized.

Wanderers -- Bethlehem
Surgeror -- G -- Highfield
Robertson -- RFB -- Young
Hunt -- LFB -- Ferguson
Haldane -- RHB -- McFarlane
Bishop -- CHB -- Carnihan
Waite -- LHB -- Terris
Mennie -- OR -- Campbell
Lawrence -- IR -- Granger
Bleich -- CF -- Easton
Barr -- IL -- Faulds
Taylor -- OR -- Goldie
Goals: Bleich, 2; Taylor, Easton, 3.

Referee: Creighton. Linesmen, Morrison and Maxwell. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club