The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 9, 1928
Extra Period Decides Issue at 3 to 2 in Philadelphia Saturday.


One up at the end of the first half in a contest that went into overtime periods before decided was the slim margin by which the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club after a grueling struggle won over Boston in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon, in the first of the two games in the final round for the H. E. Lewis trophy and the recognized cup trophy of the professional clubs in the American Soccer League. The Steelmen emerged victorious by the count of 3 to 2.

Play at Boston April 14

With this grasp on the Lewis trophy, the Steelmen next Saturday invades the home confines of the Hubmen where if Bethlehem wins or even draws with the doughty Bostonians the handsome trophy will come to Bethlehem for the first time in the four years of the cup play. On the other hand Boston, two times winner of the cup honor, must score at least two goals better than Bethlehem to score the trophy for the third time.

The biggest crowd of fans to witness a soccer game in recent years jammed the small playing grounds at I and Tioga Streets and incidentally were treated to one of the best displays and most thrilling game of soccer witnessed in that city this season.

Deadlocked at the end of the regular playing period, with the score 2 all, Archie Stark, dashing center forward and Tom Gillespie, emerged the heroes at the end of the special time. Stark, by negotiating a spectacular goal and Gillespie who indirectly assisted in placing the ball into the net. Gillespie centered to Stark and the latter turned it into the net.

The deciding goal was scored in the opening minute of the first 15 minute overtime period and from then on the Steelmen fought valiantly to defend that one goal margin.

Stark Scores First

The Steelmen notched the first marker. An attack in the first fifteen minutes, advanced down the field, and a pass by Granger to Jaap to Stark in front of Boston's goal enabled Stark to loft the sphere over the head and high-up in goal as Davidson moved out from his citadel in an effort to follow the progress of the ball.

Battles was the hero of Boston's goal scoring. It was garnered in three minutes of exciting attacking five minutes after Bethlehem scored. The first point was gained on a penalty kick. With the shifting wind in its favor, Boston resorted to fast-swinging punts that carried the ball 30 to 40 yards up the field, where McNab lost no opportunity to direct the ball at goal on long drives from the touch line.

Goalkeeper Edwards judged the ball well, making three spectacular clearances. After twenty-one minutes a punt escaped him as he moved to the eastern section of goal, and as the sphere was about to enter the net McMeekin batted it to the ground and Neilson sent it into the goal. Referee Creighton discounted the goal and awarded a penalty kick against Bethlehem. Battles put so much force into the kick that the usually reliable Edwards was unable to stop the shot.

Three minutes later an advance by Fleming brought the ball to the front of Bethlehem's goal. Here the Steelmen's backs closed in and in a lively scrimmage Battles recovered the ball 10 yards from goal. With a long, curving shot he turned it into the end of the goal net.

Bethlehem equalized the score after the teams turned around. It was an aggressive movement by the forwards that resulted in the tying goal bring registered. Davidson grabbed the ball from Stark's toe but it was recovered by Gillespie and his drive to goal was [. . .]ed away by Davidson.

The ball was returned quickly by McGregor and in a lively attack marked by frequent heading by the players on both sides Rollo managed to tip it into the net by heading the ball. Stark's second goal in extra time won the game.

Bethlehem played without Carnihan, its great center halfback, but MacGregor and his teammates managed to hold the Boston attacks in constant fashion.

Bethlehem -- Boston
Edwards -- G -- Davidson
McMeekin -- RFB -- Gibson
Allan -- LFB -- McArthur
W. Reid -- RHB -- McIntyre
MacGregor -- CHB -- Priestley
Rollo -- LHB -- R. Ballantyne
Gillespie -- OR -- McNab
Granger -- IR -- Neilson
Stark -- CF -- Battles
Jaap -- IL -- J. Ballantyne
Goldie -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Stark 2, Rollo, Battles 2. Substitutions -- Jackson for Granter, Hobertson for Jaap. Referee: Creighton, New York. Linesmen -- Dave Scott and J. Murphy, Philadelphia. Time -- Two 45-minute halves and two extra 14-minute periods.

Steelmen Rally to Draw

On Sunday afternoon the two teams jumped over to Trenton, N. J., where an exhibition game was played before a big crowd and the teams deadlocked at 3 goals each. Drastic changes were made in the lineup of both clubs, conspicuous by the absence of many of the regulars who figured in the cup affair the day previous.

The Steelmen were aided by wind in the opening chapter and went into the van in the early minutes of play when Blair scored from a penalty granted against H. Reid for "hands."

The Steelworkers evened the count by reading Boston's net. Robertson passed the sphere in front of the goal and Priestly in attempting to clear kicked the ball into his own net. Blair save Boston the lead by beating Edwards from close range. Near the close of the half Burness put Boston further ahead with the best goal of the tilt, his shot from twenty yards range left Edwards helpless.

Bethlehem had most of the play in the second stanza and from a well-placed corner by O'Neil, Stark headed the sphere past Davidson, making the score 3-2. Davidson was kept busy and brought off many saves. He however made a mistake of running with the ball and from the resulting free kick, Jackson passed to Rollo, who drove the leather into the net for the tying goal.

Bethlehem -- Boston
Edwards -- G -- Davidson
H. Reid -- RFB -- Battles
Ferguson -- LFB -- Gibson
Barrie -- RHB -- McIntyre
Watson -- CHB -- Priestley
W. Reid -- LHB -- R. Ballantyne
O'Neil -- OR -- McNab
Jackson -- IR -- Gonslaves
Stark -- CF -- Blair
Rollo -- IL -- J. Ballantyne
Robertson -- OL -- Burness
Goals -- Blair 2, Burness, Stark, Rollo, Priestley (own goal). Substitutes -- Boston: McArthur, Nelson, Fleming, Priestly and J. Ballantyne; Bethlehem: McNeekin for Ferguson. Referees -- J. Gray. Linesmen -- Lees and Maguire. Time 00 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club