The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 10, 1926
Eastern Soccer Champions Now in Manhattan -- Tomorrow They'll Be in Brooklyn

A squad of soccer players, all in the best physical condition and groomed to the finest point of perfection, entrained here this afternoon for New York City, where they will be quartered until the appointed time tomorrow afternoon, when they will invade Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, for the most important contest of the soccer season.

The athletes were those who will sport the colors of the Bethlehem F. C. in the grand final of the National Challenge Cup competition and departed with the best wishes for success from the host of local fans, many of whom will be among the record breaking crowd predicted for the game.

Modest But Hopeful

Modest and unassuming, an attitude characteristic of the local clan, the team departed confident that the handsome Dewar trophy will be returned to this city for the fifth time. They left expecting a hard battle from the St. Louis opponents, but conditioned and determined to go the full route of ninety minutes, and more if necessary, at top pace.

It was definitely announce that Johnny Granger would make his return in the lineup for the final, after an absence occasioned by injure in the final for the Eastern championship. Granger is given preference over Jim Purvis by virtue of his vast experience. With Granger an inside right, both flanks of the front line will be well balanced.

Carson At Goal

Dave Carson will have the call as goalie, and when on his game he ranks as one of the most efficient custodians in the league. However, his play this year has been more or less inconsistent, but after a hard week of training should be at his best for this important contest.

The fullbacks will be the daring flashing duo, Allan and Berryman, two newcomers to the ranks of the Bethlehem club this season, but players who have strongly endeared themselves in the hearts of soccer fans. Cup games are to their liking and with their dash and speed, together with their daring tackling, the opposing forwards are certain to find stiff opposition.

The halfback line needs no introduction. Suffice it to say that the celebrated trio of "Bill" Carnihan, "Bob" MacGregor and "Whitey" McDonald, will be doing business at the old stand, and that carries with it a guarantee that neither of the positions could be improved on.

The forward line will comprise both science and speed. On the left wing will be the speedy Goldie, with his accurate and slashing crosses, while at the inside position Johnny Rollo with his tantalizing and clever manipulation of the ball promises to give the opposing backs plenty of action in distributing the play. At the inside position on the right the team is fortified by the inclusion of Granger, a veteran of many years experience whose daring aggressiveness, thorough knowledge of the game and excellent handing of the ball make him a dangerous player. Completing the right wing will be Johnny Jaap, who in speed is a close second to Goldie on the left.

And There is Stark

Last but not least in the Bethlehem lineup will be Archie Stark, recognized as the premium center forward in the country. With Stark in the pivot position and the front line functioning perfectly in team work, raids on the visitors citadel promise to be frequent. Stark, as a sure shot scoring forward, will probably command the greater attention of the defense. However, it is fortunate that the club is endowed with a center forward of the caliber of the Bethlehem pivot man, for he is a player with unselfish motives, feeding his co-workers when opportunity to score seems best fitted to their lot; a hard worker for team laurels instead of individual glory and second to none as a field general.

With this outlay of talent and by the superior skill conceded to the well oiled Bethlehem machine, the Steel Workers hope to return Sunday night for the fifth time with National championship honors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club