The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, April 10, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic

Lease of Joy Turned to Sorrow
Along about the middle of last November three members of the Bethlehem soccer team fell prey to the luring bait of a rival faction and there was great rejoicing when at lucrative salaries they jumped the local club to play with New Bedford. They had harkened to the ultimatum of the forces of the loop antagonistic to the principles of the National association, declaring a fight to the finish and predicted success of overriding the parent body. Today that lease of joy turned out to be one of sorrow for if any of the trio every again hope to play in organized soccer it will be only after the financial gain they reaped in a few months will be expended in fines. That is the situation they face today.

Conditions of Reinstatement
The trio of players in mind were Dave Edwards, James and Willie Barrie, players who sported the Blue and White of the Bethlehem patronage. Since New Bedford decided, of its own volition to return to the good graces of the National Association, these players automatically became suspended and incidentally with suspension they fell out of a job. In answer to the hopes of reinstatement there are many byways to journey. First off each is assessed a fine of $350 to be paid to the National association. Then the players again become the property of the Bethlehem to be disposed of at the discretion of the management and which undoubtedly will mean a fine, suspension and transfer. Each could continue in outlaw soccer if their services were sought by other clubs in the new depleted American Soccer League but with disaster forecast for this organization as the ultimate outcome of the controversy, wise soccerites are of the opinion that to pursue such a course would only heap on more difficulties which eventually might have to be faced.

Never Again, and Quite Emphatic
The attitude of the Bethlehem management has not in the least relented. At the time when the desertions occurred the team was hard put and to be honest a goalie of the caliber of Edwards, one of the best in the business, could have been used to good advantage at this time. But never again will any one of this trio be allowed to play for Bethlehem and this emphatic determination is no doubt to the interest of soccer in Bethlehem. To allow either one to again cavort with the teammates they deserted at the start of an important campaign would undoubtedly be to shatter the morale and create dissention in the ranks. The loss of these three players, particularly Edwards and Jimmy Barrie, the latter a back, caused the club owners no few headaches at the time and since. Their leaving cannot be ignored. The club does not want to appear in the role of a Judas but a recompensing punishment is justified.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club