The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 11, 1927
Procession to Move From Broad and Center to Taylor Stadium at Lehigh

The Hakoahs, Vienna's all-Jewish soccer team, will arrive in New York on Friday for its second tour of the country. The days intervening before the opening game in Bethlehem on April 20 will enable the tourists to shake off their sea-legs and get in several good kicks of practice.

At the present the plans call for the team to play its first game against the national champions in this city a week from Wednesday in Taylor Stadium, Lehigh University.

Bethlehem is planning an elaborate reception for the Jewish tourists, plans of which were outlined at a meeting the parade committee held on Sunday afternoon. James A. Hart, of Terrace avenue, chairman, entertained the committee, comprising Mayor James M. Yeakle, Claude M. Stauffer, secretary of the Bethlehem Motor Club; Harry F. Bennett and Captain W. F. Sanders.

There will be two divisions in the procession, which will form at Broad and Center streets at 3 o'clock on the afternoon of the game. Chairman Hart will be in charge of the first division, assisted by members of the Bethlehem Motor Trades Association. There will be mounted police, followed by the City Band. Mayor Yeakle and the city officials preceding members of the two teams. Harry F. Bennett will be marshal of the second division. This will include Company C of the 213th artillery, Veterans of Foreign Wars, firemen and delegations from service clubs.

Leaving Broad and Center streets, the procession will cross the Hill-to-Hill bridge to the Five Points, over Broadway to Fourth street, to Taylor Street, to the stadium, where the game is scheduled for 4:30. In the evening the Ladies' Aide Society of Brith Shalom Community Center, will tender a reception to the two teams at the Community Center building.

A conference will be held Tuesday evening, with Aaron Potruch, president of the Community Center, to complete plans for the make up of the second division of the parade.

To the parade committee has been added Paul A. Moser, Frank H. Miller, W. D. Buchecker, and E. V. Lohrman, all officers of the Bethlehem Auto Trade Association; and P. J. Morrisey. The latter will have charge of the athletic division of the parade.

An invitation will be extended to all the service clubs in the city to parade.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club