The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 11, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Granger's $5000 Goal
No kiddin', that lone tally registered by Johnny Granger in the Newark game to win for Bethlehem the advance to the Eastern final round in the National cup competition can well be estimated in value as a $5000 goal together with all the intrinsic value that goes with a National soccer championship. Whether had the game gone into extra time, Newark would have won is a matter of conjecture. Also it might have fallen to the lot of some other player to notch the goal of such great importance. But why worry with "ifs" and "whys" when Bethlehem notched the goal in the regulation time and, therefore, ascended to the high pinnacle of Eastern finalist. It is probably appropriate that a veteran of Granger's experience should score the winning goal and Johnny, keen to adhere to soccer ethics, did that which might have been expected. To Bethlehem that one goal means plenty. It not only puts Bethlehem on the way to successfully defend its National championship but should return a neat financial sum to the treasury coffers to carry on the sport in Bethlehem. No matter where the game is played although it is more likely that the metropolitan district will be decided upon, the most conservative estimator would blush in setting his figure at 15,000 attendance. Fifteen thousand cash customers mean 15,000 paychecks and 15,000 pay checks should mean a quite substantial sum to be shared in by the finalists.

Fall River or Providence?
Cup campaigning will be temporarily halted for the Bethlehem booters and before they go to bat again in this important American soccer classic they will contribute to a game of international flavor when they meet the Hakoahs in an inaugural game here on the afternoon of April 20. And before they go to the post against the famed Vienna Jews t hey will more than likely have a chance to sew up the bunting in the American Soccer league race with a game here next Saturday. All that Bethlehem needs is one victory and a draw to assure the league honors. As for the cup, Fall River and Providence will battle it out in the semi-final round next Sunday afternoon. If not mistaken, this game will be waged at Tiverton, Mass., the home grounds of the Fall River team. For that reason our leanings favor the Marksmen as the most probably survivors. That, however, is a guess, and many soccer guesses have been jolted good and proper during the present season. Should Fall River emerge as finalists it will be a case of two heated rivals battling it out in the final round. And what a game!

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club