The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, April 11, 1929
National Cup Winners, However, May Meet Patched Up Bethlehem Team

Hope of field a club intact and present its greatest strength when the Hakoah All-Stars, National champions, come to Bethlehem for an Eastern League game on Saturday afternoon, may be denied the local booters. At any rate the outlook was not any too encouraging when the players reported for a long workout yesterday afternoon and several of the veterans were among the missing.

A checkup on the players in practice yesterday afternoon found Bill Carnihan, center halfback, among the missing and a query elicited the information that the dashing first line defense player is ailing with a twisted back. Whether he will be able to don the harness or not is problematic at this time, but every effort will be made to have him in condition and ready to take his regular position.

The outlook was quite encouraging when MacGregor, after a prolonged absence during which time he received medical attention, reported for practice early in the week and prospects of having the celebrated trio intact were immanent. But now that Carnihan is again under the weather this probability is uncertain.

And the loss of Carnihan is not the only worry added to the cares of the management. Johnny Jaap, the little whiz who plays inside right to Tommy Gillespie is at present in Pittsburgh. Jaap was called to Pittsburgh, his home, because of illness in the family.

To patch up the loss of Jaap on the forward line, Purgavie, a wing forward who stars with the Phillies, may be recalled for the Hakoah game. He has played several big games for the home team and is a capable substitute. For the halfback line with MacGregor and Carnihan out, it is possible that Billy Allen will again pinch play in one position, paired off with Sturdy Maxwell and Billy Reid.

Allan’s inclusion on the halfback line is possible by the recent acquisition of William Gibson, fullback on the Boston team for two seasons. Gibson is on hand and ready to play but must await word from the U. S. F. A. to declare him reinstated and eligible. His application for reinstatement was made and it is expected that some action will be taken before the end of the week.

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