The Globe - Bethlehem
April 12, 1920
Local Soccer Team Tied by More in National League Game Yesterday

The Steel Workers dropped on more point in the race for the National League pennant when Morse Dry Docks held them to a scoreless tie at Ulmer Park, Brooklyn, yesterday afternoon. The display of the champions was very disappointing and voted by many who witnessed the contest as the worst form shown this season.

Efforts to elaborate on too much of the scientific part of the game instead of pressing and taking advantage of opportunities when near goal analyses the work of the Steel Workers throughout the game. Time and again when opportunity was presented to Bethlehem to score the ball was passed across the field and the players acted as if they could score any minute. This overconfidence in the final outcome proved disastrous to the Bethlehem club who, although they averted defeat, might have added an extra point in the race of the National League pennant.

The Game
Morse was the first to attack, but Bethlehem's defense drove them back and play raged up and down the field with neither goal being in danger. The Morse left wing got away with a nice movement and Duncan had to be on the alert to save from Galloway. Fleming was next prominent, but shot from an impossible position, where a cross shot would have been the logical thing to do with the forwards on an inside position to accept. Both defenses seemed too strong for the attack and most of the first half was a case of long exchanges by the fullbacks, but the shots that got to the goalkeeper lacked the necessary sting to register. As play progressed the Morse team seemed to realize that the Steel Workers were not in the form they were when they defeated Morse earlier in the season at Bethlehem by the score of 5 goals to nothing and they played with a dash and determination that was liable to be crowned any minute with success. Despite several corners against the champions, half time was reached without either side having penetrated the net.

In the second half the Steel Workers seemed to realize that the pennant aspects were slipping away from them by their ordinary display and they began a more aggressive game. The finishing, however, always lacked the sting to put them in the lead. After about fifteen minutes pressing by the Steel Workers the Morse team initiated an attack that looked like success any minute. A cross from Kershaw drew Duncan from the goal and Galloway was in a position, four yards of the goal, with no one to stop the shot, but in some manner he raised the ball over the bar. This failure to score on the part of the Morse team seemed to have a good effect on the champions and they carried the ball to the other end and Whelen was tested by several shots, but he always proved equal in finished style. He was ably supported by the fullbacks in front of him and this trio also proved the best defense that the Steel Workers have been against this season. Toward the finish of this session, Bethlehem seemed to take entire control of the situation, but once more the over-elaborate work by the forwards prevented them from scoring. The final whistle found both teams scoreless in a game that found the Steel Workers giving the worst display of the season. The line-up:

Bethlehem F. C. - Morse D. D.
Duncan - G -- Whelen
Collier - R. F. B. -- Lindsey
Ferguson - L. F. B. -- Page
Murray - R. H. B. -- McPherson
Campbell - C. H. B. -- Bustard
Pepper - L. H. B. -- Parker
McKelvey - O. R. -- Kershaw
Sturch - I. R. -- Reid
Corrigan - C. F. -- Rorke
Forrest - I. L. -- McLaughlin
Fleming - O. L. -- Galloway
Referee - W. Gray. Linesmen - W. Allen, Morse; J. Easton, Bethlehem. Time of halves - 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club