The Globe - Bethlehem
April 12, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Robins Finally Meet Waterloo
The big surprise of the season in soccer circles was staged at Pawtucket, R. I., on Saturday afternoon when the Fore River team defeated the Robins in the semi-final of the National Cup competition. The game incidentally marked the first defeat of the Robins this season and came in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. The Fore River delegation was accompanied to the scene of conflict by 600 fans in a special train and two bands. The victory places Fore River in the final to meet the winner of the Chicago-St. Louis game in the semi-final. "Billy" Sheridan, trainer of the Steel Workers was counted among the 10,000 spectators and upon his return home this morning had this to say about the contest:

"Fore River seemed to be affected by the record of the visitors in the early stages of the game but this feeling soon wore off and the team gave an excellent display of aggressive football. The Robins acted as if they could put the game on ice any minute and they kept passing and re-passing when shooting would have been the logical thing to do. The Fore River defense was superior to that of the Robins and Lamb in goal for Fore River deserves special mention by the way he handled several shots in the early stages of the game. His work gave the team the confidence that ultimately carried them to the victory. The first half was slightly in favor of Robins and they deserved the one goal lead they held at haft time. In the second half the Robins had two excellent opportunities to score, Ratican hitting the bar from ten yards range. Maguire met the rebound and did one better than Ratican, raising the ball over the bar with no one to beat but the goal keeper. This was the last chance the Robins had to score. The Fore River team carried the ball up the field and a cross by Farquhar, the Fore River 17 year-old outside right was converted by Underwood."

Appeared Against Their Former Teammates
Three or four weeks ago the Bethlehem soccer clan was increased by the addition of four members who reported to the club immediately upon their arrive to this country from Scotland.. One of the players remained while the other three deserted and joined forces with the Morse Dry Docks contingent. Yesterday afternoon two of them, Galloway and McLoughlin, playing inside left and outside right, respectively, appeared in the Morse lineup against Bethlehem in the game in which the champions were held to a scoreless tie. These players had been located in the Morse plant hardly a week before they jumped into harness. The loss of the three players together with the absence of Sundberg who is vacationing in Chicago and Harris, who is returning to Canada, has somewhat depleted the ranks of the Steel Workers and it is noticed by their lineup yesterday that Fred Pepper, released a short time ago with "Bobby" Morrison, must have been re-instated.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club.