The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, April 12, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Trip to Argentina
Thomas H. Cahill, honorary secretary of the U. S. F. A., is the authority accredited with intimating that the Bethlehem F. C. may enjoy a trip to South American. Although it is known that the local management has received an invitation from Argentina, it is likewise practically understood that no cognizance would be taken of the invite and the honor would be referred to some other American team, Paterson, for instance, winners of the National challenge cup, as the most appropriate tourists. IF Bethlehem is considering the proposition, the management must have undergone a change of heart. However, it is believed that the reference made to the trip by Mr. Cahill might be a bit far fetched and possibly exaggerated in inspiring a greater interest in the important games to be played before the Steel Workers, close their American League schedule. One series of games, however, that would be welcomed would be a clash with the Arden, Pa., eleven for the State championship. The latter made overtures for the series but since Bethlehem has expressed a willingness, it is understood no further word has been received. On a basis off comparative scores, Bethlehem would be favored for the title and here is how it is figured out. Sculling F. C. defeated Arden and Paterson F. C. played rings around Scullins, although held to a two score deadlock. Scullins then forfeited the National Cup trophy. Bethlehem in league contests has taken the measure of Paterson so that the final summing up would reveal Bethlehem even a bit better than the cup winners.<

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