The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
April 13, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Former Mayor Hylan a Soccer Fan
Former Mayor Hylan, at one time chief executive of the greatest city in the world, is a soccer fan and a real enthusiast at that. He was of the twenty thousand spectators to comprise the colorful gathering at the grand final of the National Challenge Cup competition in which Bethlehem Steel eliminated the Ben Millers in Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon for the championship. One readily falls from the center of the spotlight after service is done, as was evidenced when the former mayor walked onto Ebbett’s field. There was no blaring of trumpets or spontaneous applause. He came as the others did, with a greeting exchanged here and there, and then quietly settled himself to watch the doings enacted on the greensward. Perhaps it was to his liking, for as just “one of the gang” he was able to concentrate more keenly on the game.

”The Better Team Won”
Even though it hurt, the attitude of Manager Foley of the Ben Millers after the game impressed all as being truly sportsmanlike. Entering the dressing quarters occupied by the St. Louis team, the scene confronting him was in direct contrast to that of the Bethlehem quarters. In the latter they were singing, receiving congratulations from the many admirers who found their way to the showers and an atmosphere of joviality reigned supreme. In the St. Louis dressing quarters not a sound could be heard above the splashing of the showers. Manager Foley was sitting on a bench with his head low. A few of his friends were trying to cheer him. “I just dropped into congratulate you on the showing of your team,” caroled an associate of the Bethlehem team. Foley accepted the congratulations like a true sportsman, responding with “The better team won; they know too much soccer for us.” That was all. Not a single alibi.

Center Forward Not With the Team
Some fans are kicking up a big hullabaloo because Jimmy Dunn, heralded as the star center forward of the West, did not come East with the team. A half dozen Dunns on Sunday could have made little if any difference in the final outcome, the way the Steelmen were functioning. True, it was a disappointment, but then when “Bill” Carnihan can stop such brilliant performers as Davy Brown of the New York Giants and numerous other speedsters encountered in the American Soccer League, we fear that Dunn might have been a disappointment to his admirers. Several reasons have been heard accounting for his absence. The one most widely circulated was that business pressure did not warrant his leaving St. Louis. Another was that he was a hold-out for a higher pay check and when refused, remained at home. If the latter was the reason in disappointing the management for the biggest soccer game of the season, we doubt if he would have been of much benefit to the club had he come East.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club