The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 14, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

New Soccer Player Comes Well Recommended
Bethlehem Steel's defensive bulwarks were further strengthened yesterday when Hugh Reid, a young and husky football player donned a uniform and participated in the first training been since arriving in this city. The arrival of Reid probably means that the veteran "Jock" Ferguson will be undisturbed in his duties henceforth as trainer of the club. The passing of Jack from the regular ranks of players will be with sincere regret not only by home town fans but in every town in the circuit. The Bethlehem veteran, who in spite of his years in the sport, has by no means lost his punch in the game and can still hold his own with the best in the country. This he clearly demonstrated when playing his regular fullback position in the most important games competed by the Steel Workers this season. But "Jock" has evinced a desire to retire from actual hostilities and in recognition of his faithful and long service with the Bethlehem club has been made trainer succeed Jack Rattray, another veteran, who recently returned to his home in Scotland were today he is the congenial proprietor of a well appointed pub. Wherever "Jock" Ferguson played or plays, including competition in the camps of the most heated Bethlehem rivals, the players and fans alike have entertained the greatest respect for the veteran. Reid, a youngster, if he lives up to the reputation he established as a first division league player in Ireland will more than likely mean that "Jock" will continue his activities in soccer but devoted to the arduous task of keeping the players in condition. His many years of experience under the best trainers in soccer thoroughly qualify him for this important post.

Greatest Fullback Ever
Gleaned from comments dropped by dyed-in-the-wool soccer critics and gossip emanating from across the pond and brought to this country by players, "Jock" Ferguson can rest on the laurels of being recognized as one of the greatest fullbacks ever in soccer. To be convinced that the tribute has not been misplaced one has but need to converse with rival forwards who are quite modest in confessing that the veteran "Jock" has always been a terror on when included in the Bethlehem Steel lineup. "Jock" came to Bethlehem with the "old school" of players, very few of which are still in active service. Of these probably the only survivors and still fort for the grueling pace are "Whitey" Fleming, now with the Boston Club, and Sam Fletcher, manager and player of the Providence Club. His work on the soccer field has always been characterized with a determined dashing style, giving all he has and exposing himself to all sorts of chances, to achieve the coveted victory for his team. That is why Ferguson is still popular and great as a player today. He may have lost some of his speed but the bag full of tricks that he has stored up during his extensive career as a player together with his accurate eye and boot offset what disadvantage might be experienced in speed. His career extends over a period of seventeen years, the early years of which he played with first division clubs in England and Soccer. If not mistaken Ferguson came to this country and cast his lot with the old Bethlehem Steel soccer machine in 1914, a combination of soccer players who romped through for more league and cup honors garnered by any other team in this country. Up until the start of this season he was a regular in the Bethlehem lineup and when assigned to the duties of trainer at the start of the present season, it was believed that his playing days were over. However, emergencies presented themselves and "Jock" again donning the uniform proved that he was capable in his work that the management has since been loath to allow him to retire. With Reid under contract to the local club, Bethlehem has a trio of fullbacks who have been thoroughly seasoned and tried including "Jock" Young and Dave Ferguson.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club