The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 14, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Big George Doing His Stuff
Local soccer patrons, particularly those who were impressed with the work of George Visser, the big Hollander, who occasionally played center forward for the National champions last season, will be tickled to know that George is burning up the pitch out around the Middle West and is the man of the hour in Detroit soccerdom. George's sharp shooting when in the vicinity of goal has brought his Holly Carburetor gang along to the final round for the Western honors. The Holly gang swears that George is "the best center forward in the country." And perhaps the Bethlehem defense will be the one to determine just how good George is. It would be a strange coincidence, and quite probably, too, if Visser, battled his former teammates for the premier soccer honors of the country. Next Sunday will tell the tale insofar as the Western teams are concerned. Fall River or Providence must survive to the final round before the issue is decided in the East, with Bethlehem certain to be one of the contenders.

Good on a Heavy Field
If the defense was not too fast and the pitch was heavy, Visser was a dangerous forward. However, against the American Soccer League clubs in which the big Hollander performed he seemed a trifle slow with his parting shot. This is no reflection on his present capability, for perhaps after his brief association with Bethlehem and the year intervening, during which time he might have brushed up, it is possible that George is all that his Detroit admirers think of him. He left the Bethlehem team with the best wishes of players and management and has retained a kindly feeling toward the Bethlehem team, an attitude manifest in a recent wire of congratulations when Bethlehem dumped Newark to advance to the semi-final round. Finishing last season with Bethlehem, Visser went back to Holland but returned to America in the fall. He located in Detroit and immediately affiliated with the Carburetor gang, where his goals meant much to the success of the team.

Baseball and Soccer
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Soccer patrons will see the National champions in action on the home field after a lapse of several weeks. The game is of vast importance to Bethlehem, since with a victory the champions can virtually sew up the league championship and then concentrate exclusively on the cup games and the exhibition tilt with the Hakoah All-Jewish eleven. Old-timers will rally to a worthy cause on Sunday afternoon, when a crowd of boys who did their stuff with the Bethlehem team in the early days of soccer in this city, line up against the Bethlehem Wanderers on the latter's field in a benefit game. The old-timers are taking down their togs to contribute to a benefit game for Robert Gerlach, a Wanderers' player, who had the misfortune of fracturing a leg late in the season. The old soccer spirit is still prevalent, but it will be interesting to not if the flesh will respond.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club