The Globe - Bethlehem
April 15, 1920
Soccer Notes

Federal Ship F. C. have forfeited the National League game scheduled for Saturday at Bethlehem Steel field. The Federals claim they are unable to muster a team for the game, and Bethlehem is awarded the points by forfeit. AN exhibition game will be staged between the Reds and the Blues and the chances are that a much better game will be witnessed. A few weeks ago an exhibition game was played and the reserves defeated the regulars by three goals to none in a keenly fought contest. Saturday's game will be just as keen, as no position on the team is secure, the personal of the team in the remaining games of the season will be determined by the display given on Saturday. No admission will be charged for the game.

Two new players are expected to line-up with the Reds on Saturday against the Blues and the Reds will be just as strong as they were when they took the measure of the regulars.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club