The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 15, 1926
Archie Stark, of Bethlehem Steel, Tailing New Bedford Booter by Four Points

With the possibility of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. wading through the ranks in the American League cup competition, the chances of Archie Stark, Bethlehem center forward, in aspiring to the top for the individual scoring honors is decidedly slim.

If Bethlehem survives up to the final round, the season will be just about ended, and it is doubtful if the Steelmen will complete their schedule. On the other hand, should the club be eliminated in the early rounds, a schedule of dual bills over the weekend would give them the opportunity to get in at least a half dozen games before the curtain on the 1925-26 soccer season is dropped.

Stevens Still Ahead.

A. Stevens, of New Bedford, is topping the list for individual scoring honors with 40 goals annexed in 39 games. Stark is second with 34 goals for thirty-one games. While not leading in the number of goals his average based on the number of games played give him a far higher percentage.

Interest in the league competition is about waning. With the advent of the cup games, fans are concentrating on these climaxing classics. Fall River has the league championship clinched. The leading scorers to date are:

A. Stevens, New Bedford -- 40
A. M. Stark, Bethlehem -- 36
R. M. Blair, Boston -- 34
J. Nelson, Brooklyn -- 28
J. White, Fall River -- 27
B. McGhee, Indiana Flooring -- 23
D. E. Brown, New York Giants -- 22
J. Purvis, Bethlehem -- 21
H. P. Brittan, Fall River -- 20
H. Carlson, Indiana Flooring -- 20
T. Florie, Providence -- 20

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club