The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 15, 1927
Speedy Vienna Booters Feted in Gotham -- Play Here Next Wednesday

The Hakoah soccer team, of Vienna, arrived in New York today on the Aquitania for its second tour and the squad will have records to shoot at in way of attendance figures and excellence of playing set by the first Hakoah eleven which toured America last year.

The invaders were accompanied by President I. H. Koerner, of Hakoah; Dr. M. Spiegler, president of the Federation of World Maccabees Clubs, and Otto Barr, football trainer.

The Hakoahs were cordially received by the committee and then rushed to their headquarters to prepare for a big program of social activities before they play the first game against Bethlehem Steel in Taylor Stadium. Functions similar to those planned in New York will follow the Hakoahs over the entire schedule with Bethlehem playing no small part in receiving the visitors.

The Community Center has an elaborate program mapped out for the visitors next Tuesday night, the day when the team with its coterie of Vienna and New York representatives arrive in Bethlehem. The players are to be the guests at a dinner to be served in the spacious Community Building which will be followed by a dance. The members of the Community Center have planned this function as a big society event with visitors expected in large numbers from all cities and towns in Eastern Pennsylvania.

The Bethlehem team, National champions and leading American Soccer League club, will be feted by its friends and admirers. The scene of these festivities will be in the Masonic Temple. An elaborate program has been arranged.

From the standpoint of merit, the game in itself is sufficient as an attractive medium. However, the Bethlehem Booster Club, friends of the Hakoah and Bethlehem team, are not satisfied with letting it pass with merely the game but have planned for parades, music and everything else appropriate to a game of such importance.

To enable business people and office employees the opportunity of witnessing the tame, the starting time has been set for 4:30.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club