The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
April 15, 1930
Bethlehem and Philadelphia District Arbiters to Meet Saturday Afternoon

The boys who know all about the game, how to play it and how to call them, will take down their soccer togs on Saturday afternoon to tangle in actual hostilities on Lehigh Field.

The celebrated affair which undoubtedly will command the interest of all soccer players as well as fans is a game in which the referees of the Bethlehem District will tackle a like aggregation representing the Philadelphia district. The latter, undoubtedly, will have a bigger field to make a choice from but that little detail is not worrying the local arbiters the least, for even with the limited crop of officials hereabouts high hopes of mustering a representative team are entertained.

Freddy Pepper, well known referee and one time start player with the Bethlehem Steel team, is in charge of the local outfit and among other will have such former star performers as "Billy" Forrest, J. Harry Carpenter, "Billy" Sheridan, John Young, Horace Williams, A. Nagle and Bobby Morrison on his side.

The Philadelphia contingent will be recruited by no less prominent official than Johnny Walders and while Johnny is making no pre-game boasts has served notice that the "has-beens" to come here will be able to display that they are very much "there" in spite of their long layoff.

Suggestion to have the game an abbreviated were promptly turned down, and the game will be a full ninety minutes, the route of a regulation soccer game.

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